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MLM Success Principles

Aug 17, 2007
In my several years in the MLM industry, In have met multi-millionaires and I have met failures. While the companies change, the pay plans change, the techniques change, there are always several principles that the successful people all have in common that the masses fail to do. Here are some of those principles.

1) Successful people hang out with the right people. Do you have that friend or relative that is always negative about everything, especially your MLM business? Why do you hang around with him or her? The first principle for MLM success is you must have a group of positive like minded people that you can turn to for support. There are several networking websites that cater to the small business and MLM community. You need find these websites, meet the leaders and watch your income soar!

2) It is well documented that people who watch TV have an inverse proportion of income to people that watch little TV. The little box, that I like to call the "negativity box" is keeping you down! You must turn off the TV. The negative images, the negative thoughts, the murders, rapes, etc etc that are being projected on TV are creeping into your subconscious, whether you realize it or not. The worst of all is the news. Do you really need to know about every single shooting in your hometown? If something important happens, you will find out.

3) Have you ever wondered how come some people can get a PHD and be flat broke while others like Bill Gates skip college altogether and become wealthy. True wealth education does not come from a textbook. It comes from motivational tapes, books like Think and Grow Rich, and seminars. You can bet that the vast majority of millionaires listen to motivational tapes and books and the broke masses do not. You need to subscribe to at least one website that offers motivational materials.

4) The next success principle if you must not quit. Every day I see people who have been in the business for 3 months and then complain that the pay plan doesn't pay enough and then just move on to something else. This is a long term business that can pay huge dividends if you stick with it. It takes time to allow yourself to build up those skills to build your business. Stick around and give your business a chance to thrive.

5) You must quit making excuses. Its not the government's fault, your mom's fault or anyone else's fault if that you are not successful. The only one to blame is the person in the mirror. Accept your failures as a learning opportunity and move on.

When you apply just a few of the above principles, your MLM income will go up and success will be within your grasp.
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Carlos Scarpero is the creator of the Success Duplicator downline building system, a free tool that combines the power of Success University and Direct Matches. Try out Success Duplicator for yourself for free at www.success-duplicator.com.
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