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What Are Namesqueeze Pages And How Can Internet Marketers Benefit From Them

Aug 17, 2007
It has been a well accepted fact that in sales, leads are very important simply because without leads, there will be no sales. But then, acquiring leads these days can be very tedious, especially when it comes to online business.

However, some strategies are built specifically to address the issue. One of the best techniques ever known to help Internet marketers build quality leads is the lead capture page or the namesqueeze pages.

Since the inception of Internet marketing, more and more people have come to realize the importance of leads and making lists. That is why the creation of optin lists has been a major breakthrough in the world of virtual marketing.

In the Internet, it is simply illegal for a marketer to send emails that are not solicited, whether they are for commercial or even personal purposes. Spamming, or sending out unsolicited emails are now considered as illegal.

Hence, most Internet marketers consider optin lists as highly valuable marketing devices. With optin lists, you can send emails to people who have opted to subscribe in your business promotions and advertisements through emails. It is for this reason that optin lists are deemed as gold to most Internet marketers.

In order to get a good optin list, some info tech genius has created a device that will easily generate names and emails. This is known as the lead capture page or the namesqueeze pages. It refers to a particular page in your website that is built to acquire email addresses as well as names of the visitors on purpose.

The main purpose of a namesqueeze page is to compel people to join the list or optin to subscribe for the lists before getting an access on the main website.

The problem is that most Internet marketers are so desperate in boosting their sales that they often misunderstood the purpose of namesqueeze pages. Most of these people have the propensity to create some well written scripts that would require the website visitor to answer some questions.

Unfortunately, the visitors are not aware that they are already being lured to provide some information that would coerce them into joining a websites mailing list even if it is against their will. This is completely unfair and against the principles of Internet marketing. Besides, the emails that the consumers will receive will be regarded as spam because they are not aware of such emails, and that is extremely illegal.

Hence, it is important to create quality namesqueeze pages that would generate quality leads as well. This means that these leads are not compelled or obliged to do anything that is against their will.

Now that we have covered those aspects of viral, let us turn to some of the other factors that need to be considered.

Consequently, a quality namesqueeze page or lead capture page can generate leads that are interested to find more information about the business. However, one should keep in mind that it is important to send emails that are packed with good and feasible information. After all, that is what the consumers are after that is why they have provided you with the information that you need, right?

When done right, namesqueeze pages can absolutely guarantee your online business growth. Why? It is simply because consumers who opted to get into your lists are interested to whatever concept you want to tell them. Hence, creating massive optin lists would be very possible if you know how to use namesqueeze pages correctly.

What matters most here is that if you know how important lead generation and list building is to your online business, then, using namesqueeze pages could be the most workable device you could ever have.

Here is a list of some of the benefits that Internet marketers can derive from merely using namesqueeze pages or lead capture pages:

1. Massive list building

One of the best reasons why namesqueeze pages work is that they compel people to make some actions. The problem with the other websites that are not generating enough sales is that they do not motivate or oblige their visitors to make some appropriate actions.

The problem with those sites is that even if they have created a good sales letter, but it was not able to coerce people to subscribe to the sites mailing lists, it will not work as it was expected.

With namesqueeze pages, people are moved into actions. This can be done by offering freebies that can only be acquired if the visitors will opt to be included on your list.

2. Get an overall insight on the visitors interests

Using namesqueeze pages will allow you to have an insight on the customers individual interests. This is because customers, who have opted to subscribe to such namesqueeze pages, are most likely interested to particular information that you are offering.

Hence, you can change your topics from time to time and identify what information are highly saleable to the public. This will give you more ways to generate better leads by providing in-demand information.

The bottom line is that generating good traffic is useless if you will not be able to convert your visitors into potential customers; and the only way to do that is to include them on your list. That is why if everything counts in, namesqueeze pages really matters.

Hopefully the sections above have contributed to your understanding of viral. Share your new understanding about viral with others. They will thank you for it.
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