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Various Ways to Make Money with Articles

Aug 17, 2007
To make money by writing articles there are several different areas that need to be addressed. The author has to ask himself several questions before starting so he doesn't write an article and then have to determine where it should go and how best can he relate it to his business.

The basics in writing the article are much the same, no matter where you use it. It should be written to make the best use of keywords without being obvious. Information is what the reader wants so don't just write one big commercial. Readers have gone to your article because they want to learn something. If they do, they are more likely to click on your site to see what else you have to offer. Gradually you can steer them towards your promotions or products.

The writer needs to to be sure there are no grammatical errors. Break it into manageable paragraphs and keep the line length about 60-65 characters so the reader doesn't have to use his mouse to see your writing.

Another area is who writes the article. Some people can publish them very easily but others either don't have the time or don't feel comfortable enough to do their own. Research is important here, including trying out someone who offers to write them for you. Try him out and if he performs to your satisfaction you can continue with him. Eventually a hesitant author may decide to try it himself as he gets more experienced with his marketing skills. A good place to get recommendations is on a forum.

Where are articles placed? One of the most obvious is article directories because they will submit them to hundreds of sites. The author's link is then sent out with the articles and hopefully many readers will click on it to find out more about this author, especially if the subject is in his area of marketing.

Your own website is a great venue for your articles. A good example would be to put the article on affiliate marketing on a webpage. Then links on that page can offer the reader a route to one or more of your affiliate sites. Or write one on the benefits of using autoresponders and have a link to one or two.

Make sure that your articles, not only use keywords that relate to whatever subject about which you are writing but remember that content is king. Commercials are fine but save them for your blog or a broadcast to your subscriber list. Well written articles can help you build an opt-in list. Your readers will be anxious to read more of your material and we all know that subscriber lists lead to income opportunities. Your site's reputation will increase as well. Soon some of your subscibers may recommend your site to others.

Be sure to stick to subjects that either pertain to your type of business or if you are promoting affiliate products and sites, aim your subject to whatever you are promoting. Not an ad, maybe more information on the general subject of that product. For example, if the product is a vitamin, write an article on the need to supplement your nutrition.

A good way to advertise articles is to set up each article on a webpage and then make a master list on a separate page with a link to the article. Using an autoresponder for the same method is good too.Then take out an ad, either paid or unpaid, and advertise the master list.

Articles obviously can be used in various places and with a little imagination your business will greatly profit from them.
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