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Heavy Equipment Career Related Occupations

Aug 17, 2007
The heavy equipment industry has a knack of working with diligent, devoted and strong individuals. There are enormous opportunities for growth in this sphere for candidates with the mentioned qualities. It is a brilliant career choice for those people who are self-sufficient and love to confront challenges. In present world, aspiring heavy equipment workers are in demand and have the opportunity to earn high hourly wages.

Heavy equipment career opportunities:

Attending heavy equipment school only increases the chances of getting jobs in the heavy equipment industry. Some of the various heavy equipment career related occupations that aspiring students can opt for are:

1) Logging Machine Operators.
2) Supervisors in mining and quarrying.
3) Public Works Maintenance Equipment Operators.
4) Material Handlers.
5) Backhoe Operators.
6) Bulldozer Operators.
7) Crane operators.
8) Excavator Operator.
9) Grader Operator.
10)Heavy Equipment Operator.

Basic Duties and Responsibilities:

The following are the most common occupations opted for by students pursuing a course in heavy equipment:

1. Logging machine operator: Logging machine operators are trained and educated in professional institutes. The educational program lasts for about three years. The main qualities that are required are excellent health and dedicated interest in the field. Moreover, studying through apprenticeship programs is possible. The logging machine operator must possess a keen sense of insight and motion. The work involved is autonomous and filled with responsibility, requiring the operator to be extremely careful and self-motivated. The operator must be well adjusted to working alone and in shifts. Repairing, servicing, maintaining and programming call for in depth technical knowledge and an understanding of information technology. Sitting in a moving machine and driving on rough terrain can injure the operators back. Generally, work is done in two different shifts. Operators usually use their employers vehicle when at work.
2. Supervisors in mining and quarrying: It is the duty of the supervisor to oversee and organize the activities of the workers occupied in surface and underground mining procedures and quarries. They adopt special methods to meet work schedules. Moreover, they supervise the safety and well being of the miners carrying out the operations. In addition, they determine problems and recommend plans and actions to help improve productivity.
3. Public Works Maintenance Equipment Operators: Public works maintenance operators comprise of workers who operate heavy equipment and vehicles to work on streets, sewers and highways. This also includes operating garbage trucks to get rid of trash. They are hired by the Public, Regional and Central public works departments and even by private contractors.

Heavy Equipment Operator: Heavy equipment operators operate machinery to move heavy materials, earth and other construction materials. Work is done in mines and at construction sites. Workers operate machines that clear and even land for construction purposes. Trenches are dug to lay or mend sewers and other different pipelines. Moreover, heavy construction materials are hoisted. In some cases, heavy equipment operators work offshore, for the construction of oil rigs. In addition, these operators also work machinery that lays out asphalt, cement and concrete to structures like roads.
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