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5 Free Must Read Reports If You Want To Be The Next Internet Millionaire

Aug 17, 2007
I know what it's like when you first realize that the Internet is a huge money making opportunity. You think about how you're always hearing about someone who started an Internet business and a couple of years later BOOM, they're a millionaire! You wonder how they got their idea. And you wonder how they got started.

Well I felt exactly like that a few years ago. I even started doing some research into various online opportunities but I was overwhelmed by the amount of information available and it took me months to make any real progress.

If you're in a similar situation and don't know where to start then let me help you. Below are 5 FREE absolutely essential reports that you must read if you are serious about making huge amounts of money from the Internet:

1. TheMillionaireLeague.com - http://www.themillionaireleague.com

This site offers an excellent free special report called The Internet Millionaire Masterplan Step One. The report is very useful because it helps you to find potential ideas for your Internet business by telling you about upcoming Internet trends. It even gives criteria to filter the good ideas from the bad ones. Finally it gives you an insight into how to take your idea and make it very successful.

You also get a free bonus report called Time Really Is Money. . .Save Time, Earn Millions! This guide has dozens of tips and tricks on how to accelerate the success of your Internet business. To get these reports you have to enter your name and email address in the green box on the homepage and there is also a link near the top of the page. Thankfully this site does not send you dozens of emails unlike most other sites.

2. Inspired Seminars - http://www.inspiredseminars.com

This is a UK based site which offers a number of free reports which come bundled together but the one you really have to read is The Complete Guide To Achieving Financial Freedom. The reason I recommend this report is because it gives you an insight into a lot of different areas relating to everything that comes with wanting to be an Internet millionaire. For example the report tells you about debt management and also about modeling millionaire thinking. To get this bundle of reports click on the link called Free Downloads at the top of page and then you have to give your name and email address.

3. The Internet Money Tree - http://www.internetmoneytree.net

This site offers a good summary report called The Internet Money Tree: The Money Hidden In Your Website. It contains 7 different Internet opportunities which currently exist. This is a great little report to read if you are really stuck and don't know where to start. While you will not get the in-depth information you really need to get going it presents a variety of opportunities so that you could pick the opportunity which interests you. Again you have to enter your name and email address in the box at the bottom of the homepage to get the report.

4. Millionaire MBA - http://www.millionairemba.com

This is another UK based site that offers a report which is Volume 1 of the Millionaire Thinking Journal. Inside it the report has 37 tips and strategies from self-made millionaires in the UK. I found these tips to be very useful especially if you are just starting up. Click on the Free Preview link at the top of site and enter your email address to get the report.

5. Simple Money Machines - http://www.simplemoneymachines.com

On this site the free report is called Earn While You Learn. It introduces you to its own particular Internet money making opportunity. It gives a good insight into the world of Internet Marketing using its own system as an example. The reason I recommend this report is because as it says in the name it is a simple report which effectively explains the Internet opportunity. To get this report just enter you name and email address in the yellow box at the bottom of the page.

So you there you have it, 5 free essential reports that you should read if you want to be the next Internet millionaire. Good luck!
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Brian Wynn is giving away FREE copies his Internet Millionaire Masterplan Step One. Take your first step to becoming the next Internet Millionaire now and receive a FREE BONUS Guide to accelerate your success. Visit http://www.themillionaireleague.com
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