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San Francisco Virtual Office Space Will Raise Your Profile Without Raising The Rent

Aug 17, 2007
Let's face it - appearances matter. We'd all like to think that we can do business from anywhere and it's not the surrounding, but the product which will win the deals. In many major cities, including San Francisco, virtual office space is opening the door for many small businesses to project the appearance of scale which will make the right impression on that big client.

It's just not nearly as impressive to a prospective client to sit around your dining room table as it is to sit in your well appointed conference room. And, if you're making a sales call with the kids screaming and the dog barking you may find that your clients aren't getting the message you want to give.

But, how do you present that professional image? When rents are high, and space is at a premium what can you do to better represent your business in one of the most expensive cities in the world: San Francisco? Virtual Office to the rescue.

A virtual office can consist of many things. For that professional appearance, here are some of the most important:

* A phone number in a more professionally oriented locale
* A professional conference room with the amenities your clients expect
* A receptionist to save your customers and prospects from an impersonal phone tree
* An office (which doesn't double as a spare bedroom)

Virtual offices are making all these things possible on an as-needed basis. Just like leasing, you only pay for what you use.

With the growth of knowledge based small businesses, and remote employees it is harder than ever to justify the expense of a fixed location for just one or two staff members. Virtual organizations are increasing opportunity for those who would normally have been home bound and if you are one of the entrepreneurs making it happen you know how positive it can be.

As we focus more on quality of life and the importance of balance, more and more of us realize that we can be effective without being chained to a desk. Sometimes however those on whom we rely for our income haven't yet attained this enlightenment.

Your customers don't need to know what hours you keep. They need to know that you can provide the service they're after. If you can effectively serve your customers while maintaining a positive home life you know the meaning of success.

Executive office space is great if you need a place to hang your hat on a daily basis, but if you only need to project the image every once in a while you can't go wrong with a virtual office program.

Now, an enviable address is much more affordable, and you don't have to feel guilty about paying for space which sits idle.

Technology is an enabler to many things. Too often it's a leash as well. Unleash, and be enabled.

In most major cities, you can find inexpensive accommodations for your occasional need. Get the office you need when you need it in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and even San Francisco - Virtual Offices make it possible to have the best of both worlds. The balance you need and the presence your customers will feel comfortable with.
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