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High Probability Sales Training and Fifty Additional Sales Training Articles

Aug 17, 2007
As business owners we know that sales are the key to our continued success. Of course the type of business and industry we're in has a lot to do with what we call sales. For retailers the potential buyers are in the store, so selling may simply mean closing or does it?

In other industries the sales person must sort out the potential buyers from the universe of suspects around them. Then, once they've been qualified the selling process can begin. The price points of your products and whether they are essentials or luxuries also matters when considering the sales and sales training process.

It was for that reason we located fifty articles for you.

In my opinion the primary reasons to invest in sales training are to make your sales force more effective - what is sold stays sold and increase customer satisfaction - satisfied customers refer their friends, with the results of greater profitability for your customer, your sales person, and your company.

Many organizations investing in training are not getting the expected ROI. Why is that? Is it because the vendors chosen are using out of date techniques, or the people you hired and are trying to get trained are losers or maybe (heaven forbid) your products are not competitive in the marketplace.

Before you indulge in the blame game I'd like to recommend High Probability selling. The book, the seminar, and the in house training are worth your time investigating.

Naturally companies that specialize in sales training are listed in the Yellow Pages of your telephone book. When you contact them and you should - have one of their reps come by. Let's see how good their sales people are. Presumably they will be using their own sales process when they come to sell you.

Many in managers and business owners are of the opinion and I agree; that good sales training starts and stops with the fundamentals. The clever bells and whistles favored by those who practice 1950's style manipulative selling practices, not only preach what no longer works - but is guaranteed to provide disillusionment to your 21st Century sales person.

The two main reasons I hear for not providing more sales training are that it costs money and takes time. If managers spent as much time, energy, and money developing sales training programs as they do dealing with under performing sales people...

The potential for high earnings combined with the opportunity for personal growth and sales training are yours when you provide sales training for your people. The benefits are very substantial to everyone.

High Probability prospecting teaches how selling over the telephone can increase your business. The unique sales strategies to propel your business growth. Sales is the backbone of your business - without it, your bottom line would suffer. Hiring and educating the right sales people is key to your business' success. If you want to create a business breakthrough, then this is the book High Probability Selling is for you.

Sales is what drives your business and makes the difference between growing or dying in today's competitive marketplace.

The articles we've collected for you, the insights and contacts to their authors and the High Probability Selling seminars will provide excellent jumping place for you.

Remember, a properly organized training program almost always insures the company's top position in the marketplace.
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