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15 Minutes a Day to Being a Stellar Coach

Aug 17, 2007
Tiger Woods, Andre Agassi, Dan Jenssen, Christine Aguilera all understand the value of having a good coach. Have a good coach or mentor, can mean the difference between ultimate success and doing well. Is having a good coach that important and how, with 15 minutes a day are you going to make me a better coach. Very simply, read on.

First, know where people need additional guidance and help. This can be as simple as sitting in on a sales call and providing them with support, or simply answering a question that they are unsure about. Just ensure that you have a concrete understanding of what each team player is struggling with. You will need to reach out a bit to learn this information. Perhaps letting them know next Tuesday I would like to ride along on your sales calls-this will give you great insight as to where they might be having problems as well as what they are doing well.

Second, identify one activity you can provide then with on a daily basis that will get them to improve in the area/s you've identified. These tasks can be role plays, simulations, games etc. What you want to do is expose the staff member to multiple experiences where they are required to utilize the information learned. Everyone learns information a little bit differently, thus by giving them multiple experiences you are more than likely to experience success.

An example might be cold calling. If a rep is struggling in this area, perhaps you have them stop in three times weekly and have them role play a cold call with you. Once they've done that successfully then go on to the next task.

Third, use positive affirmations and a pat on the back. Let them know on a weekly basis, "You've really improved on your cold calling techniques" or recognize their efforts in front of the team. A few words can go a long way to continuing to develop the behavior and keep them improving.

Finally, realize your value- someone else did. You became a coach because of your ability to lead, use that ability to achieve greatness both with your team and yourself. Find ways to further your ability to be a good manager and keep yourself motivated. Constantly be looking for better, more efficient alternatives that you make you an even better manager. Coaching will become second nature for you, and so will your succes
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Tim Hagen owns Sales Progress LLC, a sales consulting and development firm. He has been instrumental in increasing sales in a variety of organizations across multiple industries. He can be reached at http://www.SalesProgress.com or by calling 262-240-1077.
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