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The Single Reason Why MLM Companies Allow You To Profit By Marketing Their Products

Aug 17, 2007
Have you ever bought company's or upline's CDs, videos, or web sites as a sure way to how to build an MLM business? These retail tools are often times marketed as mechanisms to close prospects into your business.

This practice is very popular among companies - to get you to buy these tools in hope you can make an MLM works.

The common expectation is that these products sell themselves, have you ever been pitched that way?

How Does Network Marketing Work if you were a CEO of a network marketing company? if these retail tools can close prospects into the business why would you allow distributors to market your products and pay them a commission when you could keep 100% of the profits yourself?

If these tools were so effective or if the products sold themselves, why do they need people to distribute or market their products?

The answer is that these retail tools can't close businesses, neither the products sells themselves. If they could sell themselves, you and I would never be allowed to market your company's products and make an MLM business work. They need us, distributors to do two things:

1. Consume their products and

2. Market them

Network Marketing companies have determined that network marketing is the best course to bring these products into the hands of consumers because they realize that their products require a bit more explanation to be sold rather than just sitting on a shelf at the supermarket. Perhaps their products are new and the masses do not know about them yet, or perhaps they are more expensive than the competition's.

Don't think for a minute that these network marketing companies are allowing you to market their products because they want to give you the opportunity to make a lot of money. They need the human element to successfully place their products in the market place and create commerce.

That statement brings me to my point:
You are needed to overcome the objections a consumer will have. No tool will replace the human interaction in commerce, they need us to answer questions, provide a reassurance to a consumer, take their money, close the transaction, as we lay the foundations on how to build an MLM business.

This is where you come in as a distributor.
To overcome a prospect's reasons not to buy your products and/or services, you must understand that there are only TWO (2) reasons why people would not buy.

Suppose you are marketing a health and nutrition product, what do you say when the prospect tells you that he/she needs to talk to her doctor before he/she buys your product?

Mind you, your answer needs to be thoughtful, rational, and considerate of that person's well being. When you are cognizant of these TWO (2) reasons, you can develop a road map to help that person consume the products that he has shown an interest in.

When you market your products and/or services based on the needs of your customer as opposed to your needs, closing someone into your business is by far much easier and the best way on how to build an MLM business.

One essential element of closing is how to create that urgency to buy today, not tomorrow, not next week, but today. Implementing this strategy will increase your business significantly.

Be cautious if an upline leader ever tells you to say something like:

"Tell him that you already have a group of prospects and they will be put under him if he signs up today".
This is a poor attempt at creating that urgency for someone to sign up for your business. Even if that person signs up, what happens when that person realizes that you don't really have anyone to be put under him?

You guessed it!

Your credibility goes out of the window.

Creating the urgency to buy, to join you in business is one aspect of network marketing that often is overlooked and one you should strive to implement into your marketing campaign.

This concept is well known in marketing, but for some reason is not taught by companies or upline leaders. If they did, their businesses would grow ten times faster.

To summarize:
Learning and mastering basic marketing principles, such as prospecting, closing skills, and creating that urgency to buy will shake things up for your business like a twister on steroids. Learning how to implement marketing techniques is a sure way of how to build an MLM business.
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