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Job Hunting Myths

Aug 17, 2007
Misconceptions during a job hunt can lead to grave mistakes and hinder your job search. It is important to understand the process involved in a job hunt and diligently strive towards your goal. Many people harbor certain myths about job-hunting. We take a look at some of them here.

Job Hunting Myths

-A Cover Letter Is Not Important: A cover letter informs an employer about your qualifications for the position you are applying for. The cover letter is also known as the letter of introduction or letter of application. A resume without a cover letter is considered incomplete.

-Job Search Right After College Is Easy: Identifying the right job immediately after college is not an easy process. The job you eventually land is greatly influenced by the your qualifications, skills and experience. While a few graduates do get jobs right away, many take a while before being considered for a suitable position in a decent company.

-A Well-Designed Resume Improves A Person's Chances Of Getting Placed: Generally, flashy resumes don't serve any good purpose. Additionally, it is not a good idea to send such resumes via email. Most employers do not even open very flashy resumes for fear of a virus. Job seekers should keep at least two copies of the resume ready at all times. One set should be very simple, with no special characters or bullets. This simple resume should be emailed to the employer. The other set should be well designed, with keywords highlighted in bold font. This resume should be carried with you to the interview.

-Frequent Job Hopping Is Negative: This is a common myth among job seekers. Some very quick job shifts, within a year, are not always well received. However, job-hopping is sometimes considered to be an opportunity to acquire new skills. Employers believe that one company cannot provide job progression for very long and individuals are sure to move on for growth. Every employer always looks for special ability in the employee to empower the business's existent operations.

-Registering At Various Job Sites On The Internet Is Beneficial: Job sites online provide options and initial assistance. These job sites do not guarantee placement. Registering is fine, but constant action on your part is very essential. You must keep searching other avenues as well and explore every opportunity that comes your way.

-Better Qualifications Get A Better Job: This is perhaps the greatest misconception among job seekers. It is not always the most qualified person who is hired. Often, a person with the minimum qualifications and good communication skills is the one who gets placed faster. Employers seek employees who can serve the company loyally and use their skills to improve business returns.

Transferable skills are skills acquired on the job or through an activity. They can prove useful during a job shift. A job seeker must always describe his transferable skills in his resume, the cover letter and during the interview. The myths about job-hunting that haunt job seekers only add to the tension of securing a good position within a particular time frame. They do nothing more than hold you back from forging ahead and giving an interview your best shot.
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