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Hiring An Advertising Agency To Promote Your Business

Aug 17, 2007
A small punch line can bring out a whole lot of difference. Sounds simple but the charisma of an advertisement lays in those few words along with the graphical or the designing part. A business house depends on various types of promotional measures and advertisement holds the primary importance among those. It is one of the strongest media of communication directly with mass. But who or what works behind the formulation and making of an advertisement?

The role of an advertising agency becomes prominent over here. The business house puts forward its area of promotion regarding a service or product. The USP is placed before the advertising agency. Simultaneously a concrete idea of the target audience is given before the creative people invest their energy with innovating ideas. The client servicing executives of the agency act as coordinators between the party and the creative section and the marketing executives fix up the budget. The client agrees with the deal and then the process of creating an ad initiates.

Making of an ad

Overall briefing is given by the client and that's the key to enter into the making of ad. You cannot go against the client's wish but what you can do is always give better suggestions to boost the promotional aspect.

Just check out an advertisement of a toothpaste. Now who are the target audience? You just can't make a blank comment like everybody. The price and quality of the toothpaste will determine the outline of customers. Say the middle income group will mostly buy this product. So how will you draw their attraction towards it because there are other quality toothpastes already existing in the market? Therefore the promos and ads have to be such that they speak of something different if not new.

The layout, designing and finally hitting the market

The creative director with his/her team undertakes a brainstorming session looking into various aspects of the brand and the product. After trials and errors a positive conclusion is drawn that the whole family has to be involved in the ad to instigate the urge of buying the product by the target audience. Hence the kid in the family becomes the key to speak out about the thing. The punch line is exactly fitted to his mouth. In audio-visual medium this creates a havoc impact. The print and audio media also cover it to their best.

The trigger to the child's psychology propels the business because from every family the kid will now nag to brush with that toothpaste. The promotional aspect of the business house is thus served to the most. An advertising agency works it out at its best.
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