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A Career As An Insurance Agent

Aug 17, 2007
What Is Insurance?

Insurance is the assurance to cover, in monetary terms, the damages caused by accident or natural phenomena. It is the assurance given by an insurance company to pay a certain amount as compensation for the loss of the insured. Nowadays, insurance policies are available for just about anything. People have become much more cautious these days and prefer to insure their expensive possessions for a small premium.

Types Of Insurance

Insurance policies are classified into insurance for life, health, property, automobiles and appliances.

Health Insurance mainly covers monetary assistance for the treatment of different health problems, whereas a life insurance policy is the assurance to pay a certain amount in the case of death of the insured. There are people who also consider life insurance for retirement benefits. Property insurance covers compensation for damages caused to the insured property, in case of theft or natural disasters. Likewise, auto insurance primarily covers monetary assistance in case of damage to the insured vehicle, due to theft or accident. Appliance protection takes care of repairs and replacement of appliances.

Why An Insurance Agent?

Insurance agents are equipped to convince people into investing in insurance policies. Today, insurance agents not only sell insurance but also offer assistance when it comes to renewing a policy or purchasing other investments.

The insurance agent sells different types of insurance policies, depending on the specified requirements of the investor. The same customer can be contacted for different types of policies at different times. The commission earned by the agent is proportionate to the effort and skill applied when selling insurance. There are insurance companies that offer their agents a basic salary, yet the commission received is much more in the case of independent agents.

The higher the number of policies sold, higher are the returns for the agent. The trick of the trade mainly lies in the convincing power of the agent that turns a potential client into a valued customer. The insurance agent helps customers to understand the different policies available and choose the right options, according to their specific requirements.

A number of insurance agents also offer other financial protection options available in the market to their customers. These options vary from retirement benefit plans to pension plans. There are other plans that secure property investments and the future of children. These options help an insurance agent expand his earning capacity and the profit of the insurance company he is employed with. The personalized services that agent offer are welcomed by the customers and are appreciated too.

Selling insurance is becoming very popular today. Technology has also played an important role in the expansion of this industry. Insurance agents can update their knowledge on the different policies available in the market, online. Likewise, they can also maintain a detailed record of the insurances sold by them, their current customers and future targets. This helps them to retain their customers and serve them better with the help of a database.
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