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Aug 17, 2007
The Reason you need to submit articles is that it's a way of promoting your websites. You write an article (or set of articles is better - at least 10) on a subject that's related to your site, then put them on as many free article sites as you can, i.e. you give them away.

At the bottom of your article, you are allowed to put a link back to your site. The search engines then pick up all these one way back links to your site and eventually you are seen as important enough to start directing traffic there.

Also, the article sites are frequented by webmasters looking for suitable articles to publish on their own sites and to their ezines. Part of the deal in allowing them to publish is that they include the link back to your site. Decent ezines get archived as web pages, and so you end up with permanent one way links back to your site.

So you are now getting traffic from four sources. From the free article directory sites, from websites where webmasters publish your articles, from ezines (and eventually website archives), and finally from the search engines.

More tips
Submitting Articles are Important for SEO and Traffic. Articles Create Backlinks!
Backlink creates traffic, help out SERPs, and improve

Page Rank.
Anyone should be able to write 250 words on a subject in which they are familiar.
It doesnt really matter on what the topic or subject, as long as the article is not about illegal activity.
Create your article in a word processing program so that you can easily edit, spell check and format.
Copy your article into a text file for easy copy and paste when it is time to submit.

An authors bio section for each article is available on each article submission service. The bio section allows you to insert an html hyperlink. Write one or two sentences referencing your website and include your name. Make sure you use proper hyper linking for your URL.

It is of utmost importance that you do create the proper true HTML hyperlink in the bio section of your article, otherwise the article will be republished without a true live link to your main site.

Proper codes:
Your Target Keyword Phrase yoursitename
This will show the words, Your Target Keyword Phrase yoursitename .com with the entire line a live hyperlink. Submit your Article to several article submission websites. There is an easy way of doing this and that is to use Article marketer.

Most Article submission sites have RSS feed capability. This allows your article to be shown on multiple websites that utilize the RSS feeds. In addition many webmasters and blogs retrieve articles from article submission sites to add content article to their own sites. Every occurrence of your article re-published on a website, creates a free one-way back link to your site.

As time goes by, your articles will be republished on mutiple sites. An article even on a nonpopular topic can still be re-published on 60 or more sites. Popular category topical articles will be published on 100 to 1000s of websites. Every instance of a republished article creates a backlink if the hyperlinked URL was correctly inserted in the original bio section area of the individual article.

As your articles age on the republished sites, and the republisher work on their own SEO and Page Rank, your article on their site increases in Page Rank as well.

Additional tip for checking your back links. Do a Google, Yahoo, or MSN search using quotations marks around the name of the article, For example search for My article title, you will find all the results for that name that will consist of mainly the article that you have submitted. Daily you can easily see with a simple search the amount of back links you are gaining through the simple republishing of your article. You should check to make sure that the backlink is Live on the new site republishing your article. Also check over time the Page Rank of those new backlinks.

Most sites that house articles allow the option to make comments. You can then make a comment on your article and include a simple phrase to seek more information by going to the same site referenced in the bio while including another hyperlink. If you do make a comment, make sure you reference by name you are the author and dont attempt to include a hyperlink not already in your article.

In a few months when the next Google Page Rank update occurs, all your articles should have page rank of their own, all passing Page rank back to your main site.

You should also notice some click through traffic in reference to your well written and informative on the article topic.
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