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A Golf Professional Career is More Than Just Another Club

Aug 17, 2007
Golf is not just another hobby these days; it's become a profession, a sport, and a lifestyle. Those that enjoy the game of golf find themselves wanting to spend more and more time on the game and are willing to spend the money to get results. This is why more people are becoming golf professionals as their career. Why not combine what they love with what they do for a living?

Being a golf professional takes more than just a love of the game, however. When you want to make it your career, you need a thorough understanding of how the game has emerged through history as well as where it's heading into the future. You will want to learn about the various techniques of play and how they've changed in the past decades; you'll want to know about the various equipment innovations that have made golf a technological game as much as a mental game and you'll want to find out the best methods of teaching someone to play.

Teaching someone to love the game of golf is another career goal for the golf professional. When you're able to communicate the intricacies of the sport to your client, you will be able to give them the power to want to make the adjustments in their game. You will want to learn about the various teaching methods that you can employ and what will work best for various levels of players. You'll also want to learn how to help clients raise their games to the next level, when you notice that they are ready to do so.

Golf is more than just a sport that you play as well. As a part of a growing industry, golf professionals need to understand the financial sides of the sport. You will need to learn how to manage clientele, how to manage a golf related business, how to interact within various golfing facilities, and more. A golf professional will also find it important to know about equipment and how to deal with equipment manufacturers, tournament coordination, traveling from locale to locale, creating a marketing strategy, as well as how to use print and media publishing to their advantage.

Becoming a golf professional will also allow you to recognize the value of golfing trends and equipment, or the lack thereof. Having this new knowledge allows you to pass along valuable tips to your clients as well as let them in on the devices and equipment that might not be the best investment. You will also be able to monitor market trends to see what golfers are looking for in their games as well as what they might need from a golf pro through professional newsletters and magazines.

A career as a golf professional is as rewarding as it is challenging. With the opportunity to nurture a client from the beginning stages to more advanced levels, you can watch someone blossom into a talent and perhaps even into a professional career. You will also have the chance to play the sport that you love every day of your life, because you need to keep your skills honed as well.

There are many establishments that are training golf professionals for a career in the golf industry. These may include lengthy training sessions or weekly training sessions, depending on the location and the skills that are being taught. But even before you head to school, you need to head out for another round of golf with your friends, because practice is what makes you as close to perfect as can be.
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Andy West is a freelance writer for SDGA. San Diego Golf Academy is a premier golf school with five locations across the United States. For more information on becoming a golf professional , please visit http://www.sdgagolf.com/pga_professionals.php .
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