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Win At Niche Marketing By Eliminating 'Analysis-Paralysis'

Aug 17, 2007
It's a confusing mess. Every day brings a new 'genius' method, 'killer' tactic, 'winning' system. But where to begin? That's the big question.

An important question - but also one that's easy to answer. However, it is hard to act upon!

Don't follow EVERYTHING.

You read hundreds of books. Great. But knowledge without action to back it up is useless. And the kind of action you need to take can come from just 1 or 2 or 5 books. Do not buy new stuff until you can maximize the impact of existing material.

You have to get started, take action.

"But, where to begin?"

It sure is bewildering. Every 'guru' advises something different. You need to understand they are advocating what worked... for THEM. It may work for you - or it may not. The only way to find out is by trying it out.

You might have to go exploring in many different directions - before finding what works for you. That's why you'll hear many respected marketers talk about failing - and failing FAST.

Try stuff. See if it works. If it doesn't, give it up and move on. Keep trying until you find one which does work. Then explore it deeper, do more of it and build your business.

Here's a step by step blueprint which may help you get started with your niche marketing:

* Study some of the resources on niche marketing, get a feel for it

* Carry out keyword research or use your interests to decide upon a niche

* Research the niche market you choose and see what people in it are asking for, what problems they face, what pain they want removed from their lives

* See if you can create, outsource or buy resell rights to a product or service which will solve the biggest problems

* Market the solution. Start small, at low cost, as you assess the marketplace. Test different elements of your sales process and keep learning.

* Track your results every week, or better still, every day

* Tweak your marketing to see if it performs better - or worse

* Aim for a steady 2% improvement each week

Within 6 months, you'll definitely hit upon some parts of your marketing process which work. Then you can choose to learn more about those elements - buy ebooks, attend courses and seminars, ask experts, participate on forums. Become the expert - and use these same methods more effectively.

Before you know it, your niche marketing will become explosively profitable and your business will be a huge success.
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