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5 Things Article Writing Can Do For Your Money Making Site

Aug 17, 2007
Without quality content, it is virtually impossible to create a successful money making site. Article writing allows you to create new and enticing content for your website, while showing off your expertise. Here are 5 things article writing can do for your money making site.

1. Free advertising
By writing articles, you are actively receiving free advertising by a couple of methods. At the conclusion of your article you are allowed to place a resource box. The resource box gives you the ability to state a couple sentences of what people will find at your website, along with a link to your website. This allows them to read your article and go to your website to find more information.

Then, after you have completed your article you need to submit it to article directories. This way thousands of people can read your article and visit your website, thus increasing your traffic and sales.

2. Keyword optimization
Traffic is crucial to creating a successful money making site, and keyword optimization is a great way to generate traffic. By targeting specific keywords in your articles and submitting them to article directories, you are optimizing for those keywords. Then, as people search in the search engines for those keywords, your website or article will come up higher on the search pages.

3. Promote products
Articles are a great way to promote the products of your business, whether it is by talking specifically about your product or, better yet, what it can do for the customer. It allows you to put an entire article's worth of content specifically on a product so that people can clearly identify what the advantages will be and how it will work for them.

4. Display your knowledge
In order to create a money making site, you have to show people you know what you are talking about. By writing articles related to your website and products you offer, it allows you to display your knowledge. Other forms of advertising do not allow prospects to witness this, which is what makes article writing so crucial.

5. Drop affiliate links
The best way to get your articles out into the public eye is by submitting them to directories, unfortunately, not all directories allow affiliate links within the article. Make sure you research and become aware of which directories allow affiliate links. If the directory does not allow affiliate links in the body of the article, you still have the article's resource box available to you for your main website links. Once you do this, article writing is a great way to promote the affiliate programs you're linked with to help continue the success of your money making site.

Article writing has become one of the most powerful methods to support a money making site. There are several benefits you can get out of a single article, from advertising to displaying your knowledge. If you want to create a successful money making site, it is highly recommended that you look into article writing.
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