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No Marketing Plan No Business

Aug 17, 2007
One of the main reasons that many Internet home businesses fail is from a lack of planning and goal setting, and an important aspect of any business is a marketing plan. A marketing plan is particularly essential for an Internet home business marketing opportunity and to overlook this vital factor is a recipe for failure.

If you do not have a marketing plan then you basically do not have a viable business and it will not be long before you join the long list of failures that made this same critical mistake.

To succeed with any company, whether a home business or not, you need a marketing plan that sets out your marketing opportunity campaign, and this vital factor is often overlooked in the initial set-up.

If your firm were a large corporation you would put several hundred pages of marketing tasks together in one plan. As a small home business, compiling your Internet marketing opportunity plan will probably take fewer than ten pages.

The important thing to remember is that it needs to be done at the earliest opportunity for your project to have any chance of succeeding. The longer you delay in drafting and implementing your plan the more likely it is that you will fail.

To write an effective marketing plan for a home business Internet opportunity will take you at least two months, especially if you have little or no experience at writing a marketing plan.

Another important point to remember when drafting your marketing plan is to get as much input as possible from other staff members who are actively involved in the everyday running of things.

Every person that has a managerial or executive say in any aspect of the home Internet business should have an opportunity to contribute to the marketing plan.

While the natural inclination is to be reserved about the information in the plan, it would be better to ask for the help and participation of those involved in the preparation, construction, promotion and expansion, both Internet and otherwise.

You should get as much advice as possible from everyone involved, particularly anyone connected to financing, manufacturing, staffing, equipping, and overseeing.

Of course, as in many home Internet opportunity business ventures, the sole proprietor is the only administrator and as such completes the majority of the marketing plan with some input of paid consultants.

The easiest way to work with your marketing plan is to place the pages in a three ring binder and refer to it on a monthly basis. This will allow you to keep track of what should be getting done in your home business Internet marketing opportunity timetable and if you are on schedule or not.

Ensure that you leave ample room for notes on your performance in regard to your written marketing plan and check your notes regularly to ensure you are sticking to the objectives of the plan.

Always have the binder somewhere in sight of your workstation and within reach so you can consult and edit your notes whenever necessary. Remember the saying; out of sight, out of mind.

Another important aspect is that the plan for taking advantage of the marketing opportunities for a home business should cover a one year period only. The reasons that the Internet marketing opportunity plan should not extend any further than one year are because so many things can affect such a small project.

For example:

a. Someone may leave the firm.

b. The market could change.

c. You lose some customers.

d. You get new customers.

As the situation changes the marketing plan must be altered.

I would recommend that you wait for a few years down the road and then decide the right time to rewrite the plan to include the next two to five years as you will understand more about how your business is progressing as time goes by.

Also remember that your business plan must be consistent with your marketing plan or the opportunity for the two documents to help you succeed will be lost and all the efforts will have been in vain.

The business plan should lay out the company vision for the next five years, while the marketing plan should dictate how you attain the realization of that vision and the conclusion of the different goals along the way.

Your business plan will articulate about the financial resources needed to commence and nurture the business, one of which will be the expense of advertising and promoting.

The marketing plan will make clear the marketing opportunities that you could take advantage of, and the cost of each, to get your home Internet business underway and making a profit.

Once you outline your goals and objectives for your Internet home business, and you are consistent in following up with the marketing plan and business plan collectively, then you should achieve success in any venture you choose.

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