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Why Your Website Needs RSS Feeds

Aug 17, 2007
While RSS feeds have been around for awhile it has not been until recent that everyone has started talking about them since technology has helped them to become mainstream. Do determine if you site needs an RSS feed you should ask yourself if your site needs a newsletter. While it is not an pressing need that you should get a RSS feed you should take a look at the benefits you can get with an RSS feed so that you will be able to get one when you can.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to an RSS feed is the fact that you can bring in massive amounts of traffic to your website by simply updating the feed frequently. While the results of an RSS feed are not guaranteed for all sites, if you set up your feed right and apply your keyword search properly then you will be guaranteed some form of results. If you place your feed in directories then you will often get better results then if you simply place it in a regular search engine.

Another benefit of RSS feeds is the fact that you can maintain a site newsletter with very little effort. You will not have to worry about maintaining your list such as removing addresses, finding new subscribers and formatting the content. An RSS feed allows you to send out updated information to your subscribers more frequently and efficiently.

RSS feeds have the added benefit of bringing visitors to your site and having them go through your content. In the feed they will receive a headline and a summary but then they must go to your site and click through the content to read the entire article in a new window. Whenever you update with new content they will come back to your site to read the articles they are interested in. This not only keeps traffic to your site, but it keeps people interested in what you have to offer.

In addition, you can easily recycle any old content you have for your website and use it in your RSS feeds to get additional site visitors. To populate your freed with information and build content you can bring out older articles, product reviews, site suggestions or newsletters. If the new is currently relevant to your site then you can still recycle the content in an attempt to get new visitors.

Many people think that to get the benefits of an RSS feed you must be experienced in computer technology. However, with the increase of free tools online it is now easy for people to find user friendly tools that are effective at providing you with an RSS feed. Simply fill out a form, save a file and upload the RSS feed to your server. With it being so easy to get an RSS feed and with the multiple benefits you should consider getting one for your website as soon as possible.

(c) Carl Hoffman
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