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Repeat Business Game Plans Can Build Your Residual Income

Aug 17, 2007
Regular sales streams can come from carefully set up sales structure by you the business owner. Structuring you inter net sales offerings using a repeat business game plan can build your residual income in a reasonable amount of time.

Building and using subscription and regular follow up product portfolio updates in your online business will make a nice steady income for you. Successful businesses do this and build their clientele on this basis.

What you need to search for and build on is a product system that needs to be renewed monthly or over a predesignated period of time. Water and utility companies are the easiest examples to understand.

Repeat business will drive your sales and profits up steadily.

Surprisingly, most so called internet gurus do not do this. They come up with brilliant products but seldom do you see subscription ones.

Your profit and sales will come easier to you if you build your product sales game plan with repeat business, in mind, for your customer base

Using a repeat business product sales mix will cause you less stress in meeting your monthly expenses. It is also essential to your financial growth. Stretching out high ticket products over months or a year is one way to do this.

High ticket products will be within the budget of your customers if you offer them on a payment plan of six to twelve months. One excellent eBay trainer does this with a high ticket training program. Another highly known web site sales trainer does this also.

Other examples of repeat sales are financial authors through biweekly or monthly stock, bond and other investment advisory newsletters. Training programs for inter net sales or web content writer article updates are good also.

Repeat business develops as customers return to buy from you again and again because you provide a needed service they cannot do themselves, such as the latest marketing updates to their web sites. If you are a computer programmer this will be a natural for you.

Having a free newsletter to an opt in email list that you constantly build through capturing visitor emails, when they visit your web site, is a natural for this. List members will get more confidence in you when you regularly send them useful information.

List members will be more ready to buy from your product offerings as your self esteem grows with them. So, one of your jobs will be to find a steady stream of commission type affiliate products, that are good only, that you can offer your growing mailing list.

Once your mailing list members have bought something from you using your good article content, that works, you have them hooked! Nurture your mailing list of members and customers with great care. They can be a fortune to you. They are your income family.

The great mailing list owners on the inter net get further boost from good service by getting free word of mouth or keyboard advertising from their members and customers. They will tell friends, relatives and associates about you and your fine content niche list will grow further yet.

Notice how you feel more comfortable when shopping from someone who was referred to you by a satisfied customer you know? That applies here, in exciting duplication, of your sales and member list.

When this happens to you it is a sure sign you are using good web site and email article content in your game plan to build your residual income. Your repeat customers will follow you, justifiably, like groupies.

Baby sit them, nurture them and they will be yours forever.

Your repeat customers will want and even need to shop with you, when money is tight, and they need your products because they know and trust you. If they have a gripe make every effort to handle it like your financial life depends on it. Because it does.

Your customer base is your success. Repeat business customers are yours for life. Do not be afraid of giving an occasional refund you feel is unjustified to a repeat customer who has been good income for you.

Make them aware of this and boldly inform them that you are doing this because you want them to be with you for life.

They will eat this up like little boys and girls with cookies and milk. Dynamite will not be able to separate or take these customers from you.

Repeat business builds your income like nothing else. You, in all your learning and inter net training, will find nothing as powerful as repeat customers. The only article content product that comes close to it is compound interest. It is practically the same thing.

You honestly want to understand how important this concept is. Other legitimate and ethical effective tricks you can use are customer cards, in the form of emails that give discounts and benefits to loyal customers.

Keep track of when all your customers last purchases were.

Once you start picking up purchase patterns of your customers you will literally know when they are ripe for their next purchase. Factors like budget availability, product need and inter net trends will be big clues for you as to when to put these buy hints in communications to them.

Never forget a customer who purchases from you. If you satisfy them once you have built a powerful sales and profit beginning.

I have had customers get angry with me when I did not follow up with them and they lost my contact information and bought something from someone else that was poor quality.

So, have you learned something from this article content here? Bend over backwards to learn how to do repeat sales.

Once you have a repeat customer, nurture them and kiss their butts to keep them. Well, maybe not go that far but, I think you get the picture.

Residual income streams make you one of the big boys or girls. All major inter net providers and offline businesses make high percentages of their profits from repeat sale residual income.

You will benefit from this if you make it a major part of your online and offline business philosophy.
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