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Home Business Reality Is A Hard Pill To Swallow

Aug 17, 2007
Over the years I have been online, one of the most common emails I get from downline members and prospects in general goes something like this:

"Hi Mal
What's happening? I have been working my ass off this past week and a half and things just aint happening. I've bought some leads and sent out two articles but not one sale. I'll give this a go for another week or two and if I don't see results I'll have to move on."

Have you received any like this? Maybe you've written one similar in your early days;-)?

It saddens me that people come into a business opportunity with the idea that they are going to attain instant profits. Not only because of the explaining I have to do to prospects, but because I know the frustration they are going to inflict upon themselves unless they change the mindset with which they have entered this business.

The most I, or anyone like me can do for those of you who ARE finding it difficult to find success is show you some direction and share our own experiences.


This may be a hard pill to swallow but it is the truth.

My expereince of running an online business from home is that it takes time and hard work and YES a lot of frustration, upsets and setbacks along the way. If you surmount the obstcales along the way you will have proven yourself ready to attain success and you WILL get a breakthrough.

It is vitally important that you formulate a plan and budget your money accordingly. You must be prepared to go for at least a few months without making a profit. If you do get into profit with a month or two then this will be a bonus, but be prepared for the long haul.

Another big gripe I hear is that people are spending a fortune on product after product and leaving themselves penniless. This is another main reason for their ultimate failure. Why would you do this to yourself? You MUST discipline yourself, set a monthly or weekly budget and DO NOT go over it.

If you enter the online business arena keeping in mind the points outlined above, I promise that you will have a realistic chance of succeeding. I and others are certainly on hand to answer your questions and to afford you the support to facilitate YOUR success.
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Mal Keenan is editor and publisher of Home Business Tips Newsletter.
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