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How To Detect A Fake Wholesale Distributor

Aug 17, 2007
Today, there are thousands of wholesale distributors online. Many of them advertise themselves and many of them are hidden as golden gems. The fact of the matter is that a real wholesaler or genuine distributor does not advertise online most of the time. Most of these companies do not promote themselves because they do not need to.

They have so much upfront business already that they do not need to advertise offline or online to clear inventory. Reality today is that there are hundreds if not thousands of online websites selling retail merchandise and naming them wholesale. After doing yet another Google and Yahoo search to check how the market is getting tougher and more time consuming for the beginner, I found literally hundreds of advertised wholesalers, distributors selling their own merchandise of supposed wholesale, at retail to wholesale consumers. Read that again.

There are many apparent distributors selling retail as wholesale to the average consumer who is clueless ad probably is new to the Internet. Worst, many of these sites pay hundreds a month if not thousands to maintain their high ranking positions for consumer visibility.

So how do you spot a fake one? What is the difference of a real distributor from a not legit wholesaler and distributor? The answers are quite simple. In my experience, the best way to detect such scams is to compare prices from general wholesale sites that multiple trustworthy brands and names allow companies to sell and re-sell merchandise. A good way that I compare and define a true wholesaler is by going to eBay and comparing the prices in their site from the company selling the item on eBay. Best of all, you get to do this free and in an instant upon having the doubt and finding the supposed distributor and wholesaler.

Bad part of all this when you want to start your own wholesale business is that you need to spend hundreds and depending on how serious you are about starting or continuing a successful development of your niche- is that it can take thousands of hours to find, test, trust and own a healthy business relationship with such distributor.

Another big time problem is that there are many, many sites selling crap trying to convince you to hand them $2.00-$10.00 for their outdated list and mostly, illegal contact list full of pirate sources. What a joke! No wonder why many then say that working from home is impossible. The reason, they buy wholesale sources or make business with middleman commission artist or plainly, many buyers get robbed and scam.

It does not have to be that way. Today, you can find real distributors. You just need to know from who to buy and when to buy. The same steps and the same concept and the same principles virtually apply 100% to the wholesale business. You get the profits when you get the right source and the right company. It has always been like this and it will stay like this for decades to come in my wholesale veteran opinion.
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