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5 Reasons Why a Home Based Business Will Work for You

Aug 17, 2007
Working on a home based business is literally everyone's dream job. You don't have an office and therefore won't get stuck in traffic getting there. Also, you don't have to wake up to an alarm clock to get ready for work, like clockwork each day. What a wonderful life this is!

Whilst all is not roses every day, a home based business has been found to work for many moms, and even some dads. Here are some great reasons why:

1. You plan your own time
Running your own business means that there is no 9-to-5 routine. Instead of following your boss's time, you follow your kids' time. You work when they are not around, and are home when they are. Much like the Kids and Business work at home program you also won't be bombarded with work brought home from the office. Your home IS the office.

2. You work on your dream, not someone else's dream
Many people work each day on jobs that they dread. The only reason why they are still working is because they don't have a choice and they need the money. While owning your own business has its fair share of ups and downs, you will be working on something you love. This means that working on it will no longer be a chore. For instance, if you love kids, you could get start a Kids and Business seminar program and work with kids the entire time! What fun that will be!

3. You expand your boundaries
Running a small home business means you probably have to do most of the work on your own. While this may be challenging at times, you expand your boundaries as you increase your productivity, multi-task and excel at time management. In addition, you'll have to adopt a steep learning curve as you pick up new skills in almost every area. That's not all. You'll most likely meet and collaborate with other small business owners like yourself, sharing similar interests with them, and perhaps even to develop new business ideas!

4. You have more time for your kids
Your kids are probably one of the major reasons why you want to work on a flexible work schedule. As they grow older, they require more of your presence in their lives. Working on a demanding day job won't give you much flexibility here, but working on a children seminar business will. You can arrange your meetings outside around your kids' schedules, or even slot some meetings in between their swimming or piano lessons. What's even better is that you'll know you'll be home in time for dinner everyday.

5. There is more potential for business growth / taking ownership
As employees rarely have a stake in the company they work for, they would naturally not have an interest or even the responsibility to grow the company. As a result, employees are unlikely to reap huge profit sharing benefits as compared to the business owners.
The opposite is true for a business owner as the potential for business growth is endless. Expanding your business will lead to growing profits, and ultimately more income for you and your family. Apart from that, running a business means that you are able to leverage on other people's time to work on your business, and therefore grow your business exponentially. You no longer trade your time for your wages.

In the end, the decision to run your own home based business is entirely your own. However, once you step into the world of small businesses, you will experience a totally different approach in earning your livelihood.
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Susanna Strandberg is the author of a product that outlines how to work from home doing seminars. The niche she works in is kids and business. http://www.kidsnbusiness.com explains what receive in the kit and how to stop trading time for money and startbuilding a business for yourself.
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