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Exploring The World Of Online Postage

Aug 17, 2007
The vast majority of our economy is transported through the mail. Online purchases are shipped through the mail. Gas, electric and water bills travel through the mail every month to the average persons home. (Unfortunately) Of course, the payments for these bills are returned through the mail as well. Considering how many millions of pieces of mail are shipped everyday, it is surprising that the number of people who have decided to take advantage of the new innovations of online postage. Perhaps it is because many people are not entirely familiar with what online postage exactly is.

Online postage allows a person to print shipping labels and a variety of postage stamps from a personal computer. Of course, the online postage printing account has to be cleared with the United States postal service or from a licensed legitimate venders who have been authorized by the postage service to distribute such software.

Some may ask why it is important to have such a postal solution item and there are several reasons. First, it saves a great deal of time as it eliminates trips to the post office. Second, it speeds up the process required for mailing bulk mail and packages. Thirdly, it saves money as it eliminates the costs involved with having to transport bulk mail to the post office. These are all huge benefits that any person or business could benefit by. So why is it that people seem to resist making the switch from traditional attitudes of sending mail rather than take advantage of the modern advancements that the postal service is offering?

Part of the reason is due to human nature. When people get used to a certain way to do things or fall into a certain pattern or prescribe to a certain conventional wisdom, they have a very hard time switching gears and changing their patterns. This occurs even when there is an innovation that could save them a great deal of time and money. People will find a certain physical and mental comfort zone and stay within that comfort zone, greatly resisting change even when those changes benefit them. (It is humorous to note that when there are changes in entertainment systems or mediums, people will jump to purchase a new product)

To put off exploring the benefits of an online purchase system is not a wise move for both a business and an individual person. If the innovation is there, then the innovation should be explored to the fullest and all the benefits that come with the innovation should be expanded. The only thing keeping you from exploring such an option is you yourself so do not delay and give serious consideration to online postage systems today.
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