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Why Business Management Is Important For Online Businesses

Aug 17, 2007
I have been many years working for offline hi-tech and software companies and I have been really amazed about the number of businesses which are claiming to make a lot of money online.
I am really scared for many of them because they seem to focus on one product or one business with no further improvement.
In details many businesses promote a product that is very good for the current market needs but after months or years you see the same product or maybe they have moved to another product.
Most of them then fail because if you go deep inside you discover that they have no idea of what they are selling or promoting, they just follow the trend of the moment.
At the end I really believe I am right when I think that you have to think to your business as well as many other companies do offline.

You need to start with a business idea and create a business around it.
You must create a business plan to see if you can afford it and how long it can sustain your business.
I did not see people making risk assessment, long term plans and roadmaps.
You need to project your business from here to the next 3 years at least.
If you have an idea, try to figure out for how long you can profit from it creating products which are each time an enhancement of the previous ones.
Focus on provide your customer a complete service. Do not stop in providing a product.

You need to find a way to constantly have your customers come back to you, because they know they find with you all they need for your business.
Try to ally with other businesses which can provide a service or a product that is complementary to yours.
You can really create a network of services and have your customers come back to you all the time.
If you have a roadmap this means you have your business under control because in this way you have created a vision.
You have a catalogue of product to promote in the next months or years even before you launch your first one.
People will realize that they need to keep in touch with you also in the future.
Many software companies do like this.

You can do the same if you are a writer and provide "How to" documentation.
You can really create a roadmap of information products and your customers will really believe you are an expert, a person who knows what is doing.
Vision, long term planning, roadmap, business plan and expertise are the really key to success of serious businesses and business people in general.
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