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What Is Needed To Do To Have Your Own Product?

Aug 17, 2007
The great problems that people have when they start a business are they maybe have great ideas but do not know how to transform them into a product.

Many are do not know how but to create but what to create. As a consequence they rely on external services, e.g. freelancer, programmers, writers, etc.

The time and the quality to release a product can be a disaster if they cannot clearly communicate what they want.

Experts talk about product specification and they say you need to provide a description of your idea and you are done.

Then when you ask for a book, a report or an ebook you may finally obtain something which is totally out of your thoughts.

The same happens for software applications and in these cases you may realize that if something does not work or is missing is because you did not clearly specify in your request.

Then you need to upgrade your contract and as a result you have an increase in costs and a shift of your time to market. You are leaving money on the table: more costs and less income. Maybe your competition can find an enhanced solution and you are out of the market.

The real problem lies on the fact that we all need to start well. The most important and difficult part in our business is to the starting point. It is a very stressing part but if well performed you can only enjoy the profits on.

We all tend to avoid stress and concentration on stuff that are not strictly related to the product creation. We only think to our idea and to make money.
We need to focus on two aspects: communication and documentation.

Communication is the most important aspects in human life. It is the means to transfer information among human beings. In your business you need to transfer your ideas to someone else who should transform it into a final product.

We all think that what is clear in our mind is clear to every one. We do not have to leave anything as expected. We should provide an explanation for every concept even the simplest one. In fact something which is obvious for us is not obvious for other people.

Misunderstanding is a great problem which often determines an ineffective and inefficient communication. Then we complain with the supplier thinking he/she is wrong when it was our fault not to underline some aspects which would be important for him/her to make the right things.

The second important aspect is the documentation.

People hate to read and write. Unless you are a writer you do not like to write down anything, especially if it takes a lot of time and effort.

Writing, and as a consequence documentation, is the main way of communication. Especially in official agreement it is the only way to formalize rules and requests.

You need to provide a good documentation to improve communication.

Well do not be scared. I do not mean you need to be a writer. When I talk about communication with the aim to transfer your idea into a specific request for developing a product I am talking about a clear statement of work which must be very clear and simple. In this way the supplier will have almost no doubt on how to proceed.

Moreover the documentation must cover every issue, feature and topic related to the product. You need to describe everything, including the conditions which can determine some variations of the specifications.

Clear statement of works cannot cause misunderstandings: black on white!

There are various secrets to create an effective documentation and this will be treated in another section.
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