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Which Approach Do You Need To Start Your Business?

Aug 17, 2007
Every one can see the Internet as an opportunity to make money and a living.

In fact the costs to have a business are really low. You do not need to make big investments. You do not need employees, consultants, expensive equipment, office forniture, etc.

Anyone can launch a business online, but there is a BUT. Any activity in the world needs 3 things to be created: time, money and resources.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Money? We have said that costs are really low, but there are some. For example you need a computer and an Internet connection.

You may require some software and pay for some trainings or courses. This amount of money can be expensive for anyone but it is really limited if we think to the big investments even small offline businesses needs to make.

Time? Yes you need to focus on your time. You need to see when you need your investment back and you also need to launch a product before your competitors...
You need to work in order to optimize the time to release your product. You also need to optimize your time to see what to do and what to avoid... so that you can dedicate to other more profitable activities and delegate someone else for some others... You may also want some free time for yourself and your family.

Believe me if you are serious online you need to spend a lot of time to start a business and even to sustain it.

If you are not investing time you have a really pour business.

Resources? When you start it is easy to think that you are the only resource. You can have assistants or partners if you can delegate some of your tasks because you are not able to or doing so you can dedicate to activites you are great to perform and can increase your income if you directly control them.

Yet many people when they start a business they think they need a marketing strategy and start to purchase expensive courses on how to become millionaire.

I really get scared when I see advertising pieces with pictures of tons of money papers and happy smiling entrepreneurs... I would prefer to see messages promosing a support to BUILD a business and create the basis of its sustainability. Very few online entrepreneurs are doing this job.

I have recently seen Rich Schefren launching a program whose aim is to support entrepreneurs to create a real business and rationalize their activities and organizations.

Mike Filsaime is another one. In his recent report Mike stated the importance of creating a business rather than jump here and there to find an opportunity. You need to have the end in your mind and then build a project (or more projects) to achieve your end. If you stick on your end you will not be distracted by the various opportunities and can keep both your focus and momentum to create a good product. If you become a professional and create a brand around your name then it will be very easy to have customers for life.
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