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Planning For An Interview And Likely Interview Questions

Aug 17, 2007
Properly preparing for a job interview will really help you to make a better impression, and will naturally give you more confidence and poise. Preparation is a key point to any job and an interviewer will know almost instantly if you have given which thought and much preparation to the interview in how you conduct yourself on the day. Showing your prospective employer you are the kind of person who comes prepared will show them you will also attend work and carry out your day to day activities in the same spirit, which really impresses them, and is what they really want in their new employee.

Some interviews go terribly whilst some are as sweet as a nut, and most of the time it really depends how you prepared for the interview. One of the key ways to prepare for an interview is to jot down as many interview questions as you can possibly think of, and then systematically go about answering them in the most eloquent way you know how. Sure, some interviewers like to try and catch you off guard by giving you a question which you couldn't have possibly prepared for, but generally this is just to test you to see how you operate under pressure, so simply hold your ground and answer honestly, but not stupidly. For instance, if you get asked: "Why would you want to work here?" Don't simply answer: "because I need the money.", tell the interviewer you want to work there because it is a job in which you are really interested in, and feel there is a good future there for you, and also because you enjoy the line of work you are applying for you get a great deal of satisfaction from the job itself, etc. This will show an employer you are really interested and keen on the job and not simply applying because it is a vacancy. This helps them to ascertain who is most likely to be a good and dedicated employee and who is likely to end up quitting and doing something else in a few weeks making them have to go to the trouble of searching for a new employee all over again.

Another common yet difficult question is how do you feel you will benefit the company, and what skills, if any, do you possess which will make you an asset?

You must answer this question as truthfully as possible, but also don't over-sell yourself if you're skills need further improvement, and try to avoid a negative response. For instance, if you have no skills, don't tell them: I have no skills. Simply tell them you are a fast and keen learner, you've got initiative, trustworthy and looking to learn as much as possible as fast as you can. Try to always keep things in a positive tone and tell them what you do have and can do, rather than what you can't do - unless they ask, of course.
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