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Home Based Affiliate Business For Newbies, What Giftedness Do You Bring

Aug 17, 2007
The home based affiliate business will always be a welcome option. People who are able to make it work always seem to glamorize it. My concern is for those who struggle and never seem to get things off the ground.

Those gurus are a major distraction for the newbie. They brag, boast and display all of the trappings of the rich and famous. They are a real hindrance, a stumbling block directly in the path of the newbie.

Newbies must stop looking at the gurus. Instead focus on your own primary strengths. Work to your giftedness.

You are not going to achieve overnight riches. It does not work that way. Stop jumping from one hair brained idea to another.

Drill down into your strong suit and make something happen there. If Internet Marketing is your strength then follow through.

If it is not, then leave it alone. That is were the man eating sharks swim. They will devour you whole.

Expecting to make a great income in the early going is a bit unrealistic. Unless you have something very unique to offer, newbies should concentrate on the simple things first. Your primary vehicle to the internet is your computer.

Do you know how to keyboard? Can you handle email? What about unzipping files after downloading them? This is just simple, basic stuff. But can you handle it? The internet is full of tutorials and different email courses.

Some require payment but many are free. That is not to say that the free courses are not up to standard. Many are exceptional. You just have to seek them out. You can always run the keywords through google.

Just as you make mistakes in life, so you will make mistakes trying to get your home based affiliate business going. The key here is to learn from those mistakes.

Dig into why you made that particular mistake. What would you do different the next time. Place before yourself different options. Which one is the best?

Try to use the singular approach initially. Do not try to get many different steams of income. Focus on one and make that one work for you.

When that happens then try another. Having your hands in too many pots early on only serves to divide your attention.

Formulate your own budgeting plan. Be very strict with yourself. Before one cent is spent on any software or services run it through your very own gauntlet of questions.

If you have a list of ten strict questions and seven yes answers are needed before you can make a purchase then stick to that plan.

Do not attempt to squeeze another yes from the eighth question. But rather think seriously about the three answers that have a no beside them.

Remember to network. Ask your networking comrades about your intended purchase. You will get some very truthful, practical responses. The Warrior Forum is the place for that.

Those guys do not play. If your intended purchase is a programming nightmare you will be told that in no uncertain terms.

Set some time aside for yourself to meditate on your business. Your own quiet time. It may be done on a drive to the country.

Stop at your favorite thinking spot. Look into the crystal ball of your business.

Where would you like it to be one year from now? How big can you see it growing? Have you made provision for that growth? Visionary thinking and planning are an important aspect of your business plan.
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