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Traits You Need To Succeed As An Internet Marketer

Aug 17, 2007
There are cirtain traits you need as an internet marketer. Do you have them? Below we will cover each trait in greater detail.

1. Know yourself.

Get into the business because you know you'll like it and not because your best friend Bill seems to be enjoying it and making good money. Do it because you are creative and consistent and have something to sell. Do it because your personality fits the job. Otherwise, you will end up frustrated and discouraged.

2. Understand your purpose.

It's okay to dream big, but you'll only get there if you take it one step at a time. Set your goals realistically. If you exceed them, then set the bar higher. Know exactly what it is that you want to do.

Be able to set your plan in writing. It's easier to implement if you see solid evidence. If you have a deadline, you can manage your time better.

3. Don't be shy.

It still takes guts to sell online, regardless. Learn to network and promote your product at every chance you get at your son's soccer club, the grocery store, at the bank, every place you go to. You'll get a feel of the market better if you're out there and make sure to take notes.

4. Know your product.

How long would it take to make one? A dozen? A hundred? What's the cost? If you're marketing a service, would the price be fair enough and cover for overhead? How much does a similar product cost from other online entrepreneurs?

You cannot market a product you hardly know because it will show. Sooner or later you'll come across some really astute clients and they will sense if you know what you're talking about, so be sure to study your products before putting them up online.

5. Don't be shy about marketing your product.

If you know it well enough, then you know someone out there wants it. If you're passionate about your product, then you know better than to hide it from the light. Promote it, promote it, promote it. How else will people know it's there?

6. Be prepared to learn.

Just because you've had 10 years of experience doesn't mean you know enough. Things change every minute so you should be able to keep up. Do your research, know your target market, their demographics and what their needs are. Look up information on pricing, cost and product features.

Just because you think your product is great doesn't mean it truly is. To be able to compete, you must know your competition and what they have to offer that you can top. Aim to sell the better product and when you do, learn how you can make it even better.

7. Beware of short-cuts.

If you think a six-figure income will come to you served on a golden platter, forget it. Even the most successful internet marketers didn't get there by twiddling their thumbs.

Taking a short cut usually entails some sort of cheating or compromise in terms of your product or service quality. Treat it as you would any business, even if you're conducting yours through the internet in your pajamas.

8. Be honest.

It's tempting to fudge numbers and tell tall tales when you're nearly invisible on the internet, but you want your business to last and have loyal customers. That's why sites publish testimonials from satisfied clients, to attract other potential buyers to check out your product.

9. Be prepared to struggle.

You will be spending hundreds of hours in product preparation and marketing before it can even be released. There will be times when you'll get frustrated and think of giving up, but that's normal. Nearly every internet entrepreneur has experienced this. You can't expect to come out on top if you're not tough enough.

10. Focus or else.

Working at your own pace at your own time does have its advantages but working at home will have its distractions. If you have kids or a family, set time and space boundaries. If you have hobbies and recreational activities, learn the art of compromise.

Slacking off for just an hour or two, maybe two days may seem forgivable, but think of the time you'll miss and the potential clients that you let slip from your hands. You might never have the chance to find them again. Plus, internet marketers are born each minute. As each day passes, the competition gets tougher.

11. Learn to outsource.

Sometimes this happens right at the beginning, sometimes just when your business begins to bloom. Be able to recognize when you need help because try as you might, there are moments when you just can't handle everything by your lonesome. Remember that your business is open 24/7 so you can only do so much.

12. Regulate yourself.

Being your own boss means being your own leader, supervisor, accountant, human resources and cheerleader. You should also be able to ring yourself in just in case you slack off. Once your good working habits are in place, you won't have a problem with your routine.

13. Spend only what you can.

The internet is a highly volatile environment. Be able to save for emergencies. Have a back-up plan ready. Internet marketing is after all, a venture so make sure you have your priorities straightened up.

14. Follow through.

You can't just send out an online advert and just wait for things to happen. Get in touch with friends and colleagues and ask them what they thought and note their comments. If you think you need to change something to market your product better, then do it.
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