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Article Outlines - the Easiest Way to Create Original Articles

Aug 17, 2007
Like public speaking, writing articles is a task that many people will avoid doing if they possibly can - often this can be so no matter how many times a person has done it before. Even if writing articles could help in their work, they can find that facing the task at hand is still both daunting and overwhelming.

So, while there are a great number of people who do not have that same off-putting attitude to article writing, there are still those who would rather walk over a bed of red hot coals than do some article writing. To overcome these difficulties, the factors that can set certain people apart from others when writing articles is that they have researched and will use methods and procedures to help them structure and plan their articles.

One of the easiest methods you can use to prepare yourself when tasked to write an article is to create an outline first. That first step of creating an outline for all your articles will help you prepare; you will have an idea of what to do first and be able to plan for all the following steps. Being prepared makes the job easier and faster and will increase your confidence. Being organized will allow for any uncertainty to be rebuffed.

A well-prepared outline can be used as the inspiration for your article as well as the design or blueprint. It will guide you as you create the introduction, body and conclusion of your article. Additionally, you can use the outline to write down some of the ideas and sentences that you feel will look good in your article, plus any key words and phrases. Any of these ideas could end up being the focal point that could help make your article more creative, interesting and appealing to a reader.

A comprehensively planned and prepared article outline is the first step of any successful article-writing project. It should ensure that the procedure will be problem and worry free, and can be carried out with the minimum hassle. Creating an outline for all your articles will get you ready and breeze through writing an article in no time at all. Here I will provide you with some tips and guidelines in how to create an outline for all of your articles.

Designate a time frame when you can write down all the ideas that you can use for your articles. Think of some ways to attract the interest of your reader, and carry out any additional research and information gathering. If your article is to be balanced and concise, you need to marshal all the facts that will support and refute your point.

To begin your outline, do a couple of brainstorming sessions and jot down your brilliant ideas and main subject. The next step is to decide your sub titles and topics. As you would provide a first sentence for your article, one that would immediately grab the attention of your reader, you would need some as well for your sub topics.

Review and reread your ideas and notes to gain sufficient mastery of and familiarity with your topic so that writing it all down later will be much easier and more fluent.

These notes will provide the framework or skeleton of your article, so now its time to add the detail and the meat. All the paragraphs about your main and sub topics will need to be linked so that the article will flow; this will form the body of your article. The introduction will usher in the principle ideas of your article, your conclusion will wrap up your points and re-emphasise what you said in the main body of your article.

At this point your outline and ideas should be in the form of your first draft. This may take more than one attempt but remember that it is called a draft for a reason. Your article will improve and be perfected as each draft is written. Only you will see the draft versions of your article so it doesn't matter how bad you think they are. As you go on, you will clearly see the bigger picture and be able to write an article that will perfectly suit what you will demand of it.

Reread and reread what you have written down. It's not hard to be caught in the moment and get lost in your writing frenzy so always refer to your outline so that you won't drift away from your subject (you can always use other ideas in another article!). Your outline will help you keep in track. The time spent outlining, drafting and preparing your article will not go to waste as it will serve as your guide in writing.

A well-prepared outline will prove to be a very helpful tool in writing all of your articles.
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