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Starting A Wholesale Business: Important Basics

Aug 17, 2007
Any business needs two basic things to be successful: customers and products. Products can be services or actual tangible items, and this article lesson will examine the different methods for obtaining goods to resell in wholesale for your business, as well as look at ways to help you decide which method is right for your online store or offline mini-mall. Buying goods for resale is done primarily through four methods also called channels: Directly from the manufacturer, from a wholesaler, from a distributor or from a supplier.

Each method has its pros and cons. Most businesses will use only one method, and many times it is not the business that determines what method will be used, but rather the volume and size of that business as well as the channels available. Not all four purchasing methods are available for all products, and in some cases there may only be one method available no matter how much volume your business requires.

The first method is buying from the manufacturer who actually makes the product. Smaller manufacturing companies often sell directly to other businesses because they are new to the market, or do not have the money required to work through other channels. In cases like this, you will work with internal sales staff that will handle all aspects of the purchase, delivery logistics and billing.

Wholesalers usually directly work with the manufacturer to provide large amounts of goods to other businesses. Often, they may also be the distributor of the product as well. A wholesaler is usually only interested in volume sales and does not sell single or low-quantity lots. In cases such as this, the manufacturer sells only to its wholesalers, who in turn sell to businesses or distributors.

Wholesalers usually handle all logistics involved in getting the merchandise to the business as well as billing. Distributors in the other hand, tend to sell in lower quantity lots, purchasing the goods from a wholesaler. Often distributors are regional providers. A distributor may also act as a customer relationship representative between the manufacturer and the business, coming out to the business to suggest ways of improving sales, layout of the display and answer any questions or concerns about the product.

It is really important that once you decide on entering the wholesale business opportunity, you build a relationship with the distributor, wholesaler, supplier or manufacturer that is providing you the goods. When you believe you have found a golden gem source, take action for your business in a profitable way according to the best marketing concepts to market.
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