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Attributes Of Successful Business Coaches

Aug 17, 2007
Coaches provide a professional service to their clients, with feedback, insights, and guidance.

Business leaders need coaches on account of the following:

1. Managers cannot discuss sensitive issues with their bosses or subordinates.

2. Friends listen and help whenever possible, but they are not trained to offer the perfect solution.

3. Spouses can be good listeners, but it can be problematic to bring in-depth business counseling home.

4. Ambitious people desire the presence of a coach, for guidance.

5. Desperate people require a coach to help get them out of a difficult situation.

What Business coaches need is?

1. Coaching skills to influence and motivate clients to take action.

2. Business skills to know how to make them take the right decisions.

3. Marketing skills to ensure the right kind of clients to work with.

4. A coach should be a good listener, questioner and communicator. The coaching skills also include effectively making the clients accountable for their actions.

5. The coach is expected to have a good deal of business experience. He should be spontaneous and enterprising enough to motivate action.

Attributes of Successful Business Coaches:

1. Business coaches are problem solvers. They help their clients to identify what is wrong with the business and the way to fix it.

2. Business coaches are said to be people developers. They dont tell their clients what to do. They make their clients solve the problems by asking questions.

3. Business consultants generally focus on maximizing profitability and potential.

4. They help their clients to succeed in their jobs as well as in their lives.

5. A business coach helps to increase sales, promote better teamwork, enhance productivity, reduce turnover and improve quality.

If you want to be a successful coach you must:

. Have a strong sense of self-value and dignity.
. Know how to filter personal emotions, judgments and conclusions.
. Be genuinely curious about people and have a healthy sense of humor.
. Display high personal integrity and honesty.
. Think like an entrepreneur and act like one
. Keep in mind that the clients know what is best for them.
. Be intuitive, courageous, creative and willing to take the chance of being wrong.

The Client-Coach relationship is designed to be open-ended and long-term. But after 18 to 24 months, clients begin to think about changing this relationship.

. After significant growth, the client may wish to begin functioning more independently. In this case, a coach can offer to reduce the frequency of their sessions or schedule future sessions on the as-needed basis.
. Some clients may want to begin a relationship with a new coach, so they can expand their capabilities through contact with new skills and experiences.
. Ideally, coaches want to bring out the best in their clients. Jealousy and competition have no place in the coaching relationship. That is why effective coaches are happy to refer their clients to other coaches, if it is a positive step in their growth.
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