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Affiliate Marketing - 3 Top Profit Tactics

Aug 17, 2007
As an affiliate marketer you should always be looking for the market that gives the best shot at success. Unfortunately there is no magic formula for finding these markets. Once found though, you need good marketing practices along with old fashioned hard work and dedication to make them payoff.

Although online marketing is continuosly evolving, there are several tactics that have and probably always will work very well. With these tactics in your marketing arsenal you will increase your chances of success within almost any niche you choose.

Here is a look at three such tactics.

The first is to use a unique site for each individual product or service you will be promoting. Or perhaps to put it better would be to have a unique site for each niche.

If you are promoting dog grooming supplies but also want to promote stereo equipment you will want a separate domain for each niche and build individual pages for each product within that niche.

A good practice is to include product reviews on these pages along with testimonials from users who have already tried the product. Always make sure to get permission to use testimonials and never make up false names or statements.

Writing articles about the products and turning them into additional pages adds excellent, search engine friendly content. Make the article pages attractive and compelling and include calls to action. Use the article titles as headlines to attract the readers and compel them to read more. Make sure to highlight the benefits. This will help your readers to learn what the page is about and will want to find out more.

The second tactic is to offer free reports. These should be offered as an enticement for your visitors to leave their name and email address in an autoresponder that is set up with five to seven follow up emails. Each follow up email should include a list of benefits and a call to action along with affiliate links to the products you are promoting.

Make sure to write interesting, compelling subject lines for your emails. This will increase the likelyhood that your messages will get read.

Again, use reviews and articles that tout the benefits of your affiliate products and services but don't be too pushy. You don't want to sound like a sales letter.

The last tactic is to gain free targeted traffic to your sites by writing articles for publication. By submitting articles to ezines, article directories and newsletters you will brand yourself as an expert on the topic of choice.

By continually writing and submitting new articles you will soon have hundreds, possibly thousands of one way links to your sites. This greatly increases your search engine rankings.

Now you have not only targeted traffic from people reading your articles but also from organic search engine traffic. That type of traffic is priceless.

These tactics can be used for almost any niche you may be considering to promote. Simply mold the information to the specific niche and each specific product.

Once you have one niche rooted and have good traffic to your sites, then it is time to start on the next.
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