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4 SEO Mistakes That Cost Your Articles Rankings

Jinger Jarrett
Aug 17, 2007
Although the internet is bombarded with articles, how many of those articles really get read?

It's not enough to write what you think is a good article, you have to want to write articles others want to read.

Step 1 - Choose the right keywords

Choose keywords that really explain what your article is about. Include them in the headline of your article, as well as in the body several times. When including keywords in the body of your article, they should make sense. Don't just jam your article with keywords. Including them three to five times should be enough.

Step 2 - Write articles people want to read

When writing about your topic, find out what people want to know. You can do this by searching the forums on your topic.

What questions are people asking? What do they really want to know about?

By writing about things others want to know about, your article is more likely to spread across the internet. This is known as viral marketing.

Viral marketing is an excellent way to get your marketing message out.

Also, by writing about what others want to know about, they're more likely to read, or even publish, your article on their websites, in their ezines, or even books and ebooks.

Step 3 - Make your article different

When adding your article to your website, optimize it for the search engines. There are plenty of tools on the internet you can use to optimize your articles that make it easy.

Not only does optimizing your article for the search engines give you a better chance of ranking, but it makes your article different.

This is important because there's been a lot of talk about duplicate content. By optimizing your article, your article will be different enough you won't have to worry about the duplicate content penalty.

Step 4 - Submit your article to top ranking sites

These sites should include the top ranking article directories, like Ezine Articles, and Go Articles, but you should also look for sites on your topic that accept articles.

Do a search in Alexa. Alexa will not only show you the top ranking sites, but it will also show you which sites are ranked highest in your topic.

Submit your articles to these sites for inclusion. You should also look for ezine editors who accept articles on your topic. Many will post the number of subscribers they have so you know if submitting your article will be worth the effort.

You don't have to be a search engine genius to get your articles to rank well. Just write articles people want to read and them submit them where others can find them. You'll get read.
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