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Focus Is Not Just The Name of A Car

Aug 17, 2007
Napoleon Hill said that you can have anything you want (note that is not everything) but you have to apply yourself and concentrate on that thing to the exclusion of all others,that is to say that all your focus should be in that one area.

The above is just as applicable to those who want to become involved in internet marketing as it is to those involved in other enterprises, concentrate your mind on that one thing that you want to be successful at. One look at the internet will tell you that there are opportunities a plenty for those who are looking. In fact when it comes to internet marketing you could say that it's a case of being spoilt for choice.

What people neglect with any business opportunity, not just the internet, is that most businesses require multi-tasking and learning a number of new skills. In that sense you are not putting all your eggs in one basket because many of these skills are what is known as transferable skills. Each internet marketing opportunity has its own particular skills, but many of these would work across a range of business opportunities in the future. For the time being you are going to find an area that appeals to you and concentrate on that. All your energies should be focused on learning the skills necessary for your particular niche.

Take some time exploring the opportunities available on the internet, try to avoid any that look too easy in case they are a scam,but set a time limit on that exploration. While you're doing this try to assess what skills these opportunities might demand. This is your time to assess your current skill level and to decide which set of skills you might be able to acquire. When you find something that really appeals to you then it explore it further. If you are still attracted to it then make a promise to yourself to commit all your energies to this particular project. Learn everything that you need to learn to do this opportunity justice.

A rudimentary grasp of these skills is not sufficient for one who is truly committed you need to motivate yourself to become fully proficient in the areas that are relevant to your business. This is not to say that there won't be obstacles. Part of the process of commitment and focus is to push past the bad times. Don't see obstacles as failure look at it as learning to adjust. When a pilot flies a plane it does not travel in a straight line, the pilot has to continually adjust the steering in order to stay on course - that is what you will be doing is adjusting your steering to get back on track.

Discipline yourself to attend to only those things which relate to your particular business. Concentrate your mind on establishing your niche and knowing your area inside out and bear in mind that focus is not just the name of a car.
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