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Ups and Downs of Affiliate Residual Income

Aug 17, 2007
All of us have heard of and heard the, quote words, passive income or compounded interest, but few of us have learned to understand the sheer power of it when it is unleashed. Albert Einstein called compound interest the most powerful force, he knew of, in the universe.

What smart Albert did realize, at the time, was compounded smart capital building efforts could be built up to big piles of money over time. Money or capital that could be passed on to heirs.

Building this pile of cash does take time but time is very powerful if we patiently build passive home based business affiliate residual income, one penny at a time.

This is not idle, fill in word, article content niche writing either. It is the truth. Passive income that grows virtually from itself, once launched from a capital, material or electronic vehicle, can grow forever. You can take small withdrawals from it after it starts growing in reasonable time frames.

It does take a long time to start growing. It will outlive you if done properly and is carefully nurtured to change with the times. The part we, as human beings, do not like is the time or waiting factor. It grows after we have ceased to exist but it does grow and can happen. This is the steady nature of it.

The alternative to not doing this is to be worrying about our capital all our lives. To leave it to our heirs is a necessity because it does take a long time to grow and will not stop growing. So, would you rather be worried about how you will get your medical care, food and shelter the rest of your life or are you ready to start building a residual income valuation formula from your home?

It will take a while for you to understand, to truly understand, passive residual income but that is okay. To start your own just start a small savings account in any bank. Deposit a little bit out of every pay or welfare check you get and never, ever take anything out of it. Never! The interest will build it to astronomical amounts in time.

Now they you understand a tiny bit about this amazing power concept, let us talk about building another capital account for you. Okay? You want to make a life study, sorry a big commitment is necessary, to building your personal business.

Your personal business will be built by handling the ups and downs along the way that I guarantee you will occur daily. You want to make a search for a year or more to find the very long lasting affiliate business model for yourself before you even start one.

Most people start with someone to soon, lose lots of money, get discouraged and work at a boring job until they die. You do not want this to happen to you.

Read all the exaggerated claims you can find on the inter net for easy to start and run businesses and know that almost all are lies. The people selling them to you will sometimes make income but surely you will not.

You want something that is solid as a rock that you can grow with. You want something that will outlast you. Few opportunities will qualify.

Remember the tiny savings account you are going to start above. It will grow forever with minimum, small deposits you make and never withdraw until you are making big interest in time.

After a while you will have enough income to invest in very safe, higher money amounts of cash deposits that will make you a higher rate of income thus increasing your returns even further and safely. You want to do the same thing when you start a small business.

Start something with guts. When you start, begin small so a high percentage business loss will not hurt your income or financial solvency. The ups and downs cannot hurt you this way.

If you waited a year and checked lots of opportunities out you have more experience and will do far more things right. Make it a goal to never take a loss and to add power to your business experience.

At this point you are making your income residual model type business better and very low risk. You are understanding it more deeply. The tension filled ups and downs of being an inter net marketer are not making you a nervous, unconfident wreck as they have so many others in the past.

You know that this partially passive type of income is earned over and over for completing a task basically one time with light maintenance. You know that it comes from investments of your time and money.

Real estate is another form of this type of business. It takes a lot of work and study and is very risky but it can be done. This type of technically affiliate program takes lots of learning.

When someone, with thousands of hours of study, learning and investigation, purchases an apartment complex or rehab home and then rents them out they are making themselves a passive income and the renters are technically their affiliates.

The income model residual capital is thought of and paid out to you on a customary monthly basis at this time. Your investment is more involved in time and money with this business model.

It is thought to be easier to start, which is not true, because of your responsibility in maintaining building repairs but the cash flow to you is steady. This is why it is called passive. Although it is not easy to start it is easier to maintain your income, once you get going, because your tenants will work very hard to keep their home or apartment shelters paid up to date to you.

Passive payout residual income offers solid benefits. For you, the investor, a nice business plan model from your home can be built with modest work required after it is up and running.

It takes monitoring, management and some work that you can easily handle whether it is an online affiliate program, personal investments or a bunch of rental homes and apartments. It is flexible and surprisingly peaceful and easy on your health and stress giving you a longer life and less health issues.

The ups and downs are less and can be handled from anywhere. Your living room or otherwise located home office can be handled from your laptop computer from almost anywhere. When doing this you have time and job freedom.

More of your time can be spent with friends, relatives, pets and associates you want to enjoy life with. Once your financial base is set you can spend some of the money you work for on something besides bills and your health.

More of the fruits of your labor time can be spent the ways you wish to. You can have passive affiliate residual income on and off line.

More than one of these income streams opportunities can be built once you complete the building blocks of each one. Although they do require work you can invest your time and capital in a few different ones and build your little self run fiduciary empire for yourself by adding one income stream at a time.

This is building multiple streams of income and has been one of the most effective ways to earn money for thousands of years. The great wealthy families of Europe did it. Then it moved on to the American continents.

Now it has spread to the Asian continents also. This type of income provides for you and has to be passed on to your heirs because of the long time building models needed to make it work. You do not have to work yourself into a stressful early grave. These types of income builders are healthier, more peaceful and happier.

Earning residual money has massively shifted away from MLM and other weak business opportunities, that do not work for the masses, over the last two decades. Real estate and online affiliate programs in many different forms have taken over.

The reason for this is the higher percentage of business opportunities that work if someone is willing to apply themselves and develop them. Common sense dictates this.

Many successful businesses, affiliate programs of all kinds and plain capital investment models in different areas have proven this business model to be a successful one. The key is to find ones that you can do and start small and patiently build them up.

If you are skilled and persistent enough your work at this will make you magically lucky to eventually have less volatile rises and crashes in your journey to financial stability in building a long lasting residual income. Working makes us lucky.

Your focus of life will now shift from making money to having a life. You can now enjoy life and your generations after you will be able to do so also.
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