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Leather Care : Useful Tips You Must Know

Aug 17, 2007
Leather is not something to play with. Buying good quality leather goods is of course an expensive affair and maintaining them is your responsibility. Once the original texture of leather is damaged, it is gone forever.

The entire process of leather care is divided into four parts. The first stage is of course basic cleaning. After cleaning, it is followed by conditioning. Leather after use for a certain period loses its gloss and the texture becomes drab. Hence polishing is needed. This is the third phase of the episode. Finally the preservation or protection part brings the process to the end.

Call it a four step venture if you wish to but know and follow each step carefully to give a better and longer life to the leather goods you use.

Basic cleaning way

Cleaning of leather has a lot to do with the right selection of the cleaner. A wrong cleaner reacts adversely on leather. Saddle soaps are common cleaners for leather care. They are good to keep away moisture from leather but bad because they also pull out the natural oily coat on any leather product.

It is better to use the nubuck cleaning cloth. The use is also very simple. Use this cloth to wipe out the dust from those areas where the accumulation of dust is more. First use cleaning brush to shed off dust and then the nubuck cleaning cloth can put can completely wipe out dust without hampering the luxurious feel and shine of the original leather structure.

Conditioning from time to time

The conditioning of leather is must to retain the natural lubricants like oils present in leather. Leather conditioners are fatty substances and lubricating in nature. They retain the softness and smoothness of leather and its texture specifically. But conditioners containing petroleum oils are bad for leather and can damage its original quality. The conditioner should be such that makes the leather's shine better and durable.

Polishing for shine

Polishing leather is definitely not a regular affair. And while you use a leather polish, make sure that it doesn't contain synthetic color agents and does not block the pores of leather. Polish is perfect when the natural glow of the leather is retained. It is not adding a secondary color to the leather that most of you generally think of.

Preservation from moisture

Moisture is the biggest enemy of leather. Leather goods should not be kept in damp areas where moisture attack is the most. You should try to avoid every possible way where leather comes in contact with water. This is why leather shoes are not worn during the rains. There are preservative agents to block moisture so that leather retains its original texture, color and shine. Branded leather goods are already treated with such preservative agents. They have a better durability that you can rely upon.
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