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Using Promotional Apparel Products to Increase Advertising

Aug 17, 2007
Promotional products come in a variety of types. Many people are familiar with promotional products as they have received them from time to time. People receive these items in the mail as thank you gifts after a purchase. Some people are offered promotional products for simply going to the store. Still others are simply sent them as part of a marketing campaign. Whenever someone receives one of these items, they are more apt to think of the business in the future, especially if the promotional product is something that can be used often.

Apparel is one of the best forms of promotional product available and one that is most likely to be used and used often. Everyone enjoys having a nice button down shirt, extra t-shirt, baseball cap or visor. Savvy business owners are aware of this and spend some marketing dollars on creating custom apparel with their logo and business name on them. When these items are received by the customer, it will be appreciated. For an existing customer, this means they will be more likely to return to the business in the future as needed. It also means they are more likely to refer your business to friends and family, essentially marketing for you.

Promotional apparel products serve an added purpose as well, though. Think of how many people someone encounters throughout the course of a day. Each of these people was exposed to the name and logo of your business. Everyone who sees the shirt or hat got exposure to your brand name. Therefore, you got additional exposure simply by thanking a customer by giving them an article of clothing to wear. There are few other advertising means that will garner such exposure at such a low cost.

Apparel used as a promotional product is also useful as an incentive to salespeople internally. Everyone likes to know that their efforts are appreciated. Even small rewards help sales people to be more motivated to sell. Using promotional products as incentives in contests and as rewards for increased sales is a great way to get your staff to work harder for you. Having a weekly or monthly contest where the leading sales person gets a free shirt or baseball cap is great incentive. Making the apparel unique so as to set leading sales people apart also makes the incentive more special. It gives the person who wears it a sense of accomplishment which makes them try even harder to succeed. When your staff has such a sense of loyalty, this means you will have more sales and more profit for you.

There are other forms of promotional products that can be used as well. Some of these promotional products are better at direct advertising in the forms of signs, banners and balloons. However, apparel is a form of promotional product that everyone uses and everyone appreciates. It is the best type of promotional product to give away to potential and existing customers as well as to use as incentives to sales people.
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