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Think Beyond What Common Sense Would Allow

Aug 17, 2007
Our strengths often become weaknesses because we rely on them too heavily, habitually doing what we do best instead of seeking the best things to do. Someone said, If your only tool is a hammer, you approach every problem as if it were a nail. Put down your old, familiar tools for now, or else find a different way to use them. Doing the right things, even very imperfectly, can bring you a quantum leap. Doing the wrong things, even if you do them to perfection, will never deliver your dreams.

Think Beyond What Common Sense Would Allow.

Webster describes common sense as: Ordinary good sense or sound practical judgment.

Ordinary, according to the dictionary, means: customary, usual, regular, normal; familiar, unexceptional, common; relatively poor or inferior. Webster also describes common sense as sound, practical judgment. The meaning of practical is: obtained through practice or action. In other words, common sense is judgment based on past experience. When you boil it all down, common sense is just what it sounds like - it is what people today commonly believe. And common sense is full of dumb, limiting ideas. It has always been that way. Common sense used to say the world is flat, people cannot fly, bleed people if you want to heal them. The idea of a man on the moon was once pure science fiction, so was television and the idea of a heart transplant. Common sense lies to you. It focuses on the obstacles, reviews what you have done in the past, studies the normal achievement patterns of people in general, and tells you what you can commonly expect to achieve. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Rely too much on common sense, and you can expect to see common results.

Quantum Leaps require you to start thinking about what you want, instead of what common sense says is the reasonable thing for you to expect. What would common sense say you can accomplish? What would be a sensible goal?

Uncommon sense says that you can accomplish astounding things. What would be a goal well beyond the boundary of improbable...far beyond the obvious next logical step?

What would you go for if you knew your success were guaranteed?

What would you do, how would you proceed, in terms of specific action steps?

Most people have the wiring in their brains messed up. They have decided to doubt the wrong things, such as their potential, the availability of breakthrough opportunities, and their chances for making a quantum leap. For now, if you must doubt something, doubt your limits. While it is true that you cannot make yourself believe in your ability to make the quantum leap, you definitely can act like you believe. You can go ahead and do what you would do if you had complete faith. You always choose how your going to act anyway. You decide how you are going to behave. You do not have to eliminate doubt to disregard it for the time being. Let it lie there, without influence, while you produce a remarkable set of results by acting as if your success is for certain. Instead of letting doubt decide what you will do, decide what you are going to do with your doubt.
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