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Are You Suffering from Internet-Money-Making-Information Overload?

Aug 17, 2007
Internet Marketers within the Internet Marketing Tools niche do what they are suppose to do, offer us tools that help us make money online in these money making arenas:


-Residual Income programs

-Information Niche Marketing

-Affiliate Marketing



-Product Creation

As customers of Internet Marketers, we represent a "Ready Market" that are willing to buy "Tools" that help us make money online...just like die hard fans of magic tricks will snap up the next black book that exposes the secrets of David Blaine.

We mine the gold while the Merchant provides the equipment designed for the land scape we're mining in. We'll purchase an Oil Rig if the gold we're hunting for is "black gold" aka "crude oil" under the sea. We'll hire "Some Men with Shovels" if the gold we are hunting for is in a local mine buried in the mountains..

Then..how many of us have once upon a time become like this..?
While mining gold from the quarries with men hired from the merchant, we hear that there is money to be made by mining black gold at sea. Before striking gold, we drop our mountain quarry mining expedition, buy an oilrig from the merchant and sail out to sea. Then we're informed there is precious metal to be found on Pluto. We ditch the sea campaign, purchase a space shuttle from the merchant and rocket off to start a space mining colony...

And then.... (Taken from the movie "Dude, Where's My Car" for those who get it)
Merchant is happy, what about us?

We as internet gold miners represent a ready market for the Merchants whose niche revolves around Internet Marketing Tools. However, its really in our best interest not to buy every tool thats going to make us money in new territory, because we're simply not going to be able to mine gold productively from every corner of the Internet..

-If we're mining gold from affiliate marketing, wouldn't it be wiser to focus our dollars only on the tools that assist us in doing so, like a link cloaker.

-If we're into residual income programs, then perhaps a program/ebook that guides us in building downlines and qualifying prospects so we don't have to cold call.

-If we're into the internet information niche and like to create our own products, then tools that assist in product creation would be a good buy.

Buying an Oil Rig that helps in mining black gold at sea, is not going to do anything for us if our current focus is to mine gold from land. We simply cannot afford to buy every tool that promises to make us money online, then blast of at the speed of light to another part of the galaxy(internet) in order to use that tool.

After all thats been written, naturally, there will still be some who need to heed the call of the "sales letter", the song of the siren that compels them to explore money making opportunities with a new tool in a new arena spilling with truckloads of cash. If that be the case, then at the very least, "break" even in the original campaign that got you so excited in the beginning, before venturing elsewhere.
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Sherman Choo is a "Million Dollar Marketer" and Creator of Internet Cash Generating Machines like CreditsToCash.com . To make money online with your own Internet Cash Machine complete with Step-By-Step Instructions, visit==> http://www.creditstocash.com
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