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Opportunity for Home Based Business Success

Aug 17, 2007
Entrepreneurs recognize opportunity when it appears. The Internet is the most obvious opportunity for creating a business empire that has ever been available. Great minds that seize this opportunity are the Donald Trumps and the Bill Gates of the near future.

There are opportunities to create a home business that can replace the income from a corporate job. A home based business offers more flexibility and business security than a job will ever provide. The Internet and home based business opportunity is a combination made for dynamic changes in the way business is conducted.

A home-based business entrepreneur can build a profitable business by tapping into the expertise and knowledge that is already apparent.

There was a time when people talked about starting their own business; they had to expect to make huge investments of time and money for a brick and mortar business. That time is past. New industries are being crated in the virtual world of the Internet. The overhead, operations and start up costs of a home based Internet business is minimal compared to the alternative.

All kinds of industries from shoe sales to medical care websites have found their places in the virtual marketing place on the Internet. The Internet is virtually a new medium for business enterprise.

The dot.com fiasco scared a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs back to their corporate jobs. However, because of the growing pains of a dynamically different business platform, casualties are certain. But the Internet way to do business is not dictated by the big boys and their huge advertising and marketing organizations. The consumer drives the Internet. Millions of dollars in advertising dollars are spent finding out what the consumer wants. It is no longer in the hands of the big companies how or who becomes successful on the Internet. The customer is king.

With all the growing pains and the failures of the dot.com that were mourned by the advertising agencies who lost millions on the failed companies, the Internet has proven itself over the short term to be a viable and thriving way for anyone who is committed to their dream.

History is being made every day on the Internet. A large family in Michigan is heralding a small level of profitability as a miracle. An 18-year-old college student just paid his tuition from profits created from the Internet.

A grandmother starts a direct response business and finds new customers for her homemade jelly recipes. The Internet is not only about big corporations exploiting the technology; it is also about your home-based business that you started as a hedge against inflation. The Internet addresses that small voice that tells you to be your own boss.
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Sam Crowley is a best-selling co-author and motivational speaker. You can see Sam's home business at http://www.defendyourdream.com .
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