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Aug 17, 2007
If you are considering starting a blog of your own, you are probably wondering how much this is going to cost you. The really good news for you is that there are many blogging services that are available to you at no charge. I encourage you strongly to go with well-established names for your blog rather than fly by night start ups that may or may not be around this time next year. You have plenty to choose from and each one offers some unique features to its subscribers that are well worth looking into.

My personal favorite is Blogger. I find it a very easy to deal with program, I love the fact that I can have my very own customized templates, and even more than that, the fact that I do not need to be a technological whiz kid in order to figure blogger out (I am not a technological whiz kid by the way so I find this very helpful). Blogger is definitely one of the most popular, if not the most popular blogging services to date. One thing that many people find particularly wonderful about blogger is that it is very easy to set up your adsense account on Blogger in order to monetize your blog. I really enjoy the wide range of tools that are available and the ease of the interface. But, Blogger isn't for everyone and those who wish to have a large number of photos or galleries on their sites might be better served with a different provider.

Wordpress is another wildly popular blogging service. This particular service was once only available to those who had their own hosting and many people chose not to go with Wordpress for this reason alone. That has recently changed and you no longer need your own hosting in order to use their services. One of the things I really like about Wordpress is the wide array of themes from which you can choose. There are some very nice themes you can incorporate into your blog as well as all kinds of neat gadgets and gizmos. I love playing with all the bells and whistles and Wordpress seems to have plenty. Of course, the gadgets and fun buttons to play with can prove to be quite distracting from the business at hand.

Myspace is another great way in which you can host your blog. Myspace is much more than blog hosting; they are an actual blogging community that is also involved in social networking. This blogging network is a particularly great idea for those who already have friends on Myspace and/or are looking to make new friends during their online experience. Myspace is also an excellent way to improve your chance of getting page views as you network and make friends and acquaintances. Remember the ultimate goal of a blog is to have it read. This is one place where that is quite likely to happen.

Regardless of the blogging service or community you select, your blog will be what you make it. Build your blog to be the best possible representation of you on the Internet, and then make it sparkle and shine. That should be the perfect voice from which to be heard.
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