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Aug 17, 2007
The home based business revolution is part of a deeper economic challenge. While many individuals have dreamed of owning their own business for many years, the combination of the easy access to the Internet and the economic climate have pushed thousands of entrepreneurs to create their own businesses online. This dynamic combination has never been available to the masses.

There are many reasons that individuals want to start a home-based business. Over fifty percent of Americans dream of starting a business from their home. The reasons cited for wanting a home-based business are as diverse as the individuals themselves. Some of the respondents want to control their own destiny. Another reason entrepreneurs offer as a reason to start a business is the freedom to establish their own income levels and reach them.

Small to medium sized business control and create a large percentage of the wealth in America and other countries. The transfer of large amounts of wealth change hands on the Internet between these small home based businesses on a daily basis.

America is a country of entrepreneurs but the reality is that less than 20 percent of Americans own their own business. That means that most Americans work for someone else. In the greatest capitalistic society in the world this small percentage is alarming. Immigrants who come to this country start small and home based business in record number. Usually the reason is one of necessity because of language or other cultural barriers.

The fact and the dream are in direct opposition because over one half of all Americans who do currently own their own business have dreamed of starting a home based business. The reason that individuals want to start their own business is obvious. The answers to that question included:

I want to be my own boss
I want to make more money
I want flexibility
I am tired of the long commute
I hate alarm clocks
I want to stay home with my kids

The options available to start a home-based business are incredible. The risk factors for starting a business online have been reduced drastically because of low start up costs and the small overhead expense. There are businesses available that require little time commitment.

Would-be entrepreneurs can access a wealth of knowledge online. There are countless business forums that are available that will lead the entrepreneur in the right direction.
There are also a myriad of business types that can launch a new business. There are affiliate programs that offer a percentage of sales generated by the entrepreneur. There are on-line franchise businesses that offer hosting for new businesses. Ebay businesses are legendary for the small investment and large profits that home business entrepreneurs have started.

There are so many choices for the kind and scope of business to start that the decisions on which business may be overwhelming. Today's entrepreneur can choose from a multitude of industries for their company. The reasons to start a home-based business are unlimited. The opportunities are diverse and profitable. There are very few reasons not to start a home-based business. So, what are you waiting for?
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Sam Crowley is a best-selling co-author and motivational speaker.
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