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A Home Based Business Is A Solution for Unemployment

Aug 17, 2007
If you are not happy with your job or find yourself always having more time than money, you may be a candidate for a home-based business makeover. The home-based business industry is flourishing. The impetus for this apparent work from home revolution is the Internet.

Some employees became frustrated with the requirement to increase productivity without an increase in salary. Workers can start to feel resentful of their jobs and the amount of work they do for what they consider a meager salary. When individual workers start their own business, the amount of work results in an increased salary.

The workplace provides a certain culture that some workers cannot fit into. Sometimes a worker has the feeling of always being on the outside of the culture looking in. No promotions, no raises can be the impetus for someone starting their own business.

Sometimes it is the increasing requirements to produce more for less pay. Some workers are independent and do not require a hands-on micro management system. Workers also become malcontents when their pay does not coincide with the amount of their productivity.

Starting a business may be the start of a new life as thousands of disgruntled employees discover that a home-based business provides more security than a corporate job. The reasons for starting a business from home are as diverse as the individuals who make the decision to go out on their own. The decision of the individual to start a business impacts the individual and the economy.

The success of the home-based business is key to the future prosperity of the family and the nation. Small business ownership provides the foundation for the economy of not only the family but for the community. People who are self-employed make up less than 20% of the workers in America but account for two thirds of the millionaires.

This statistic is rather important to the well being of the self employed individuals and individuals who desire to work for someone else.

Self-employment is the only permanent employment solution available in an unstable business climate. Mergers and acquisitions are the games that corporate America plays that lead to the downsizing and unemployment for thousands of workers. Hewlett Packard
a long time employer of hundreds of thousands of workers purchased Compaq Computer and reassigned a workforce of over 18,000 individuals.

A home-based business is a permanent solution to these and other corporate whims. There are always inherent risks staring a business but the advantages of a well thought out business plan and the implementation far outweigh the risks.

Another interesting statistic involves the baby boomer generation: Five years ago the media predicted that the baby boomers would retire and their businesses would transfer to their heirs. However, recent statistics speak of the baby boomers retiring to purchase and start their own businesses. So as baby boomers sell their business, the same generation is starting independent enterprises.

The choice is clear. You can either resign yourself to the uneasy feeling that giving your future over to someone else creates. Or, you can take the control for your own destiny and start your own business.
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