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Update Your Marketing Experience Through The Internet

Aug 17, 2007
How has the Internet influenced business? True, big and small businesses always resorted to technology when it came to selling, but with the advent of the Internet, there's been a whole new dimension that seems to have opened up. The flooding of the market with the latest technologies and promising alternatives to age-old practices create a dilemma for business-owners about leveraging the Internet to get maximum benefits. The e-marketing strategies are promising, but their practical incorporation in the business throws up the uncertainty quotient for businesses that are apprehensive about going online.

Before approaching e-marketing to do business, one needs to gather all the facts about it. E-marketing is nothing but the traditional marketing strategies in a new package for the Internet. E-marketing has proved to be a catalyst for all sorts of business practices and profits. Proving their mettle over the traditional marketing campaigns, e-marketing surely increases productivity over the existing marketing functions. The transformation of the traditional marketing strategies to the e-world results in creating new business models that helps in adding customer value and increasing revenue to the bottom line.

E-marketing is achieved through innumerable tools available free or at minimal costs. The tools could be websites, micro-sites, email, newsletters, postcards and automated direct mailers serving as a pointer to the web. Attractive online contests are some of the web-based features that add value to the marketing division of a business and its profit in the long run. Although there is a misconception that a website is the only available option for marketing on the Internet, it's nothing more than the first stepping stone. To ensure complete success in the promotion of a business, a complete e-marketing plan should be blended with a conventional marketing plan. There's no point in only relying on a single e-marketing tool like those mentioned above.

While choosing an e-marketing partner, extreme caution must be observed and some checklists should be followed. First of all, the firm chosen to market the business should have an understanding of e-marketing as a whole and should not rely on mere website or email marketing. The misconceptions about e-marketing are that most people think it's only about e-mails and websites.

With the easy accessibility factor of the Internet, the trends in the market have changed drastically. The switching over of the marketing and promotional campaign from the print media to billboards and television or radio is in the past. The Internet and the access to the world at the click of a mouse govern the world of advertising now. The greatest advantage offered by the incorporation of e-marketing with the traditional marketing strategy is the ability to effectively measure results of a campaign in an instant. The disadvantage of traditional marketing campaigns is the difficulty in tracking results. E-marketing enables instant measuring of the effectiveness of a campaign through reports generated based on sales, traffic, electronic responses, etc. This helps in measuring the effectiveness of a marketing strategy and immediate action can be taken by the sales and finance team.
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