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Generating Leads Builds Your Residual Income

Aug 17, 2007
If you are going to build yourself a solid and steady business you need to learn how to generate a constant stream of interested inquiries. These generated inquiries, or leads, will help you build a residual income for your business. They are the true marketing route to building your steady business.

If you cannot get leads to buy from you there will be no sales or profit for your home based business. This is the failure or success factor, that cannot be overlooked.

This is the make it or break it factor for your success, without exception. You might as well quit if you cannot get them.

Leads consist of the contact information of individuals who are interested in becoming your customer, team member or cause donor. Different ones will cost you differently and, of course, give different results. The best responses are generated or qualified ones who have raised their hand after seeing your offer in some form.

In raising their hand or responding to your published offer they are expressing more information or a sincere interest in buying something from you or joining you, sometimes as an affiliate, in your business or cause. These are the meat of your profits as they have the most interest in you and offer the greatest potential for profits.

Most leads will have a casual interest and will be difficult to sell to or get to sign up as affiliates or members. The more current they are the more positive responses you will get. The possible exception here is sometimes interested leads that are not contacted or worked.

When old leads are generated that show a sincere interest they can still be good if they were properly gathered. Old ones will often forget an offer and even deny they were contacted and show no interest.

If they are properly solicited and correctly gathered they will often have an interest in your product or program because they have a need or natural interest in it in the first place even if they have forgotten the ad.

Residual income affiliate or product prospects can be generated in several different ways. Offline prospects come from telemarketing, which is very difficult, passing out business cards which is very easy and talking to people about your products or program. Other methods involve online and offline ads and pop up or stationary email capturing.

Offering a valuable mailing list membership or e-book are popular ways to build a mailing list. The last five years or so, this has been one of the most effective methods of selling.

You can feed good offers to your mailing list that you have built up a good rapport with and will frequently have a good response. The better the offers the better your response will be. Your list will grow better as you constantly feed them quality offers.

You can buy leads but the failure rate of bought leads is very high. Frequently they are worthless. They will have wrong contact info or no interest in your offer. This is usually not a good way to get leads.

Some companies work with you and understand your offer before soliciting leads. This mode of prospect gathering costs just a little more but I have had good success with some different companies. They literally do your advertising as if they were working for you, which they are and do gather good prospects for you.

Other methods are good but take more time. Another way, already mentioned, is passing out business cards. Writing articles for article directories is effective, extremely cheap, and actually builds momentum over time. You can have articles made up by professional article writers if you cannot do it yourself.

Press releases can be made up for you in the same, have a pro do it for you, way as above. They cost a little more but frequently get good results. Press release writers also know where to submit your finished releases to. Let them do this task for you.

Free ads, available on many on line ad sites are fair. They cost you nothing and if you spend an hour submitting them to the many different ad sites everyday you will eventually get results.

Your risk is nothing as the only cost is your time. They will bring in leads that are qualified.

Go fishing for people areas where your product will be needed. On line forums are virtually unlimited. You can participate and carefully follow their writing rules and they will let you leave a signature file at the end of all your posts.

The signature file can clearly state what your business is. You will get interest from these and sales as well, in time.

Generating targeted and qualified leads will build your residual income business. They will give you sales and sign ups to make your business grow and be successful.

They can be used as building blocks to build your business to any level you want. You want to clearly understand what makes up a good one. The best ones are frequently the ones you develop and generate yourself with product stories and testimonials to generate more interest.
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