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How to Get More Referrals Using SendOutCards

Aug 17, 2007
SendOutCards has a system that has been designed to make getting more referrals much easier. The importance of referrals is very high since it is a referral is basically a direct reflection of your company. Some may think of it as judgment. There are several things that will play a large role in whether your customers will refer you to others or not. The key to encouraging their loyalty is making them feel like you care.

When we purchase something and all goes smoothly we say that it was a good experience. While this is a pretty decent rating, there is a major difference in good and great. What will separate the good from the great is the personal care of your customers. If someone told you that you could get on a more personal level with your customers AND get more referrals, would you listen? Of course you would!

Why Choose SendOutCards to Get More Referrals
The reasons for using SendOutCards referral system are endless. Here are some of the basic points that are addressed by their customizable systems.

Setting up a campaign and running it is effortless. Everything is laid out in a manner which takes very little thought. No more sleepless nights trying to figure out the best way to increase sales.

SendOutCards has done this for you.
Sending a greeting card is the best way of giving your customers the personal attention they are seeking. A little note to say Hi or honor their Birthday will leave them smiling and keep you fresh in their thoughts.

The system will run itself. Your customers will be thankful, but the truth is you didn't actually do a thing. Let the SendOutCards systems do all the dirty work.

No matter what industry you are involved in you will benefit from this program. Since every card and campaign can be customized, it will meet all of your business needs.

If you sign up for the Distributor Account you can also generate extra income by reselling the SendOutCards service. Since the system is so complex you can do this by only contributing an extra hour a week, if that!

This system comes to you at the best price offering you an opportunity to maximize revenue without maxing out on your budget. This system will not only help you make money, you will be saving it as well.

How to Get Started

Using the system at SendOutCards, you can gain more referrals, in turn, more profits by sending their effective referral greeting cards to your customers. Using these steps you can make this system work for your company.

Choose the account that would fit your personal business needs.

Retail Account (best for small business use) - You will receive 20 points (10 cards) and $0.49/point after that. All 11 referral cards are included in this package.

Wholesale Account (best for small and large business use) - With this package you will receive a personal handwriting font to give your cards a personalized touch. You will receive 200 points (100 cards) and $0.31/point after that.

Distributor Account (great for all businesses) - Using this package will allow you to make extra money while taking advantage of the referral marketing system. You can send cards for your company and encourage the sales of SendOutCards for commissions.
Once you have signed up for the SendOutCards services you are ready to start using the system to benefit your company. Gather all your customer information and prepare to enter everything into your customized system.

Enter all of this information such as names, addresses, birthdates, anniversaries, etc. in the SendOutCards Reminder System. This will keep you informed of the days that need to be recognized with a personal greeting card.

When it is time to send a greeting card all you will need to do is find the perfect card, type up your message, and send it.

Setting up Your Campaign

Plan - Figure out what you want your cards to recognize. You can send birthday cards, anniversary cards, thank you cards, holiday cards, as well as other honorable dates. Choose from the already proven greeting cards or design your greeting cards to meet your personal needs.

Setup - Go into your account to take advantage of the organizational tools to make this step easier than ever. Setup your campaign and then choose the customers you would like to include. It's that simple.

Sit Back - This is the best step of all. Now the only thing you will need to do is sit back and watch the system do your job for you. How much easier could a marketing referral campaign be?

Now that you have been told how easy your referral campaign can be run, it would be just plain silly to keep doing it the old-fashioned way. Use this system to save time and money while making more money. Don't take our word for it, join the thousands that have already proven this to be true.
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