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Three Ways to Create a Residual Income

Aug 17, 2007
Residual income is income that a person earns again and again for something they do once. Sounds great right? There are basically three different ways to earn residual income. They can earn it through a home business, investments, or direct marketing. Each method provides the chance to earn a great income without putting in a lot of ongoing work.

Having a home business is a way to make residual income where a person has ultimate control. Unlike other methods, a home business allows a person to set up the system themselves. They create the whole system, so they can tailor it to their needs. An example of a possible home business is one in which a person resells products they buy, or sells products they create. It does however usually require a large upfront investment to get started in a home business. It can also be difficult to succeed if the person is not well educated in business matters. This type of residual income is not immediate, either. A person will have to work very hard for substantial amounts of time before they can start to earn a continuous income from their efforts.

Investments are an easier method of creating residual income. A person needs to decide how they want to invest their money. They could invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate or a business. This method requires very little upfront work. All a person needs to do is invest their money and then monitor it to make sure they are earning positive returns. They can even hire a professional money manager to do all of the ongoing monitoring. The down side of investing is that it requires a large amount of money upfront. Without a large amount invested up front, the investment returns will not be significant enough.

The most popular method used to create a residual income is direct marketing. Direct marketing is the method of selling and establishing a sales team to build a residual income. Direct marketing is also referred to as multi level marketing or MLM. A person joins a MLM company that is already established. The company handles everything except marketing, selling and signing up new team members. Most MLM programs can be started with little to no start up costs. The company provides training and even a website to get a person started.

There are a variety of MLM programs from which to choose, so a person is sure to find something that interests them. The biggest issue with MLM businesses is that many people jump into them without really being passionate about the products and simply focus on the recruiting new business partners. A true business cannot succeed without both retail sales and recruiting.

The three methods to make a residual income identified above are very diverse and each offers something great. Every business will have some downsides, but the entrepeneurs job is to overcome them. Success is ultimately the result of hard work and being passionate about the business. Anyone should be able to take one of these methods and create a great residual income.
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