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Aug 17, 2007
Entrepreneurs recognize opportunity when it rears its head. Opportunity is always around, some fail to seize it and never realize their dreams. The Internet is the most obvious opportunity available for creating a business empire that has ever existed. If a person who thinks they may want a home based business cannot create a work from home opportunity on the Internet, then they may always be blind to the blazing light of opportunity.

The opportunities for Internet success show no pattern of slowing down. Every day thousands of people start a home business that can reach income levels that were not possible in a traditional job.

A home based business offers the owner the opportunity for unlimited income, flexibility and job satisfaction. The owner of the home-based business may
be surprised to discover that he gets paid very well for the expertise that he shares on the Internet. Equal pay for equal work means getting paid what you are really worth. The difference is that the worker now works for himself and reaps all the benefits.

The benefits of working from home include having more flexibility and job security. A corporate job can never pay you for the loss of your time. Having a job was once the source of security for families, but the corporate structures change so drastically that even the CEO's of corporations now find themselves ousted in a take over or business merger.

The combination of the Internet and access to information has created more home based business opportunities than have ever existed in our society. The dynamics of change work in favor of those individuals who dare take the chance to control their own lives.

The Internet provides a platform that almost
anyone can use to create build and grow
a prosperous future. The Internet is the one technological advancement that truly fulfills its promise.

The Internet is the great equalizer and provides equal opportunity to anyone who wants to start his or her own business. The Internet offers unlimited access to experts in every industry who are ready and willing to provide information and instruction to the Internet community.

New innovative industries as well as traditional industries share the virtual real estate of the Internet. Your new business can align itself next door to a Fortune 500 company. Because the overhead, operations and start up cost of a home based Internet business is minimal, a small home based business can look as big as the Fortune 500 company that you share space with.

History is being made every day on the Internet. A large family in Michigan is heralding a small level of profitability as a miracle. An 18-year-old college student just paid his tuition from profits created from the Internet.

A grandmother starts a direct response business and finds new customers for her homemade jelly recipes. The Internet is not only about big corporations exploiting the technology; it is also about your home-based business that you started as a hedge against inflation. The Internet addresses that still small voice that tells you to be your own boss.
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Sam Crowley is a best-selling co-author and motivational speaker.
You can see Sam's home business at http://www.defendyourdream.com .
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