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Making Your Residual Income in Three Ways

Aug 17, 2007
There are three basic paths you can take to earn a cash flow. Cash flows are income you earn over and for something that you have done one time. It may take a lot of effort to make your cash flow or residual income in these three ways buy once you have completed your residual income investment package you earn a steady cash flow indefinitely with little additional effort required.

You can earn it via a home business, various investments or direct marketing that may or may not include multi level or affiliate marketing. These three different methods can possibly earn you a steady income with little effort required.

That is the positive attraction of building a cash flow. Once it is completed it gives you money flow on a regular basis. The money keeps coming.

Building a business is a good way to build a residual income because you are in control of it. You set up the system versus someone else doing it for you.

This is different from the other methods. You design how it functions and the payment methods to you. You can tailor make it to your individual work habits, desires, skills and needs.

The business can be set up to resell products, like eBay, digital media, content article writing or anything you want. Lately, more entrepreneurs have decided to make products themselves.

Many e-books and even ghost written books are available to be done for you online. There are many affiliate programs available through Click Bank which highly regulates the members who participate in it making it a good opportunity to look into.

If you have never done this before it is a good idea to start an affiliate program with someone who will do a lot of hand holding to help you get educated and started. It is cheap and an excellent way to get experience.

The time frame is different for everyone depending on your skills. But if you start small, to grow big, you can work it an hour or two everyday until you build to the income point you are after.

Investments are an easy way, if you are willing to learn how, to build a residual income. You need to learn how to invest your money. The ten most popular Rich Dad Poor Dad books will give you 30 years of investing experience in the two or three months it will take you to slowly read them.

I know a lot about investing, and have done well with it, but Robert Kiyosaki condenses everything he and I know in these books. They will be the best one hundred dollars you ever spent on investing. You can invest in stocks, real estate or a business. This method requires study and brain work. It can be done.

You need to invest and monitor your capital to guide it so you are earning income all the time. You can do real estate investing methods that require big amounts of money up front. You can limit this by learning to use other peoples money to invest.

Depending on the market trends, when you start investing in real estate, you may have to wait until the markets change. Different investing methods will be up or down at any particular stage of investing.

Over the years the most popular method to build a growing residual income evaluation module for yourself is direct marketing. Direct marketing is selling your products you make, buy or drop ship to someone else.

In time affiliate marketing members will come to you, as you progress, who will like and trust you and want to work with you because you work smart and are good at it. This has happened to me in several different businesses.

Multi level marketing used to be very popular but rampant dishonesty over the years has tarnished the reputation of it. Highly talented people can still make a success of MLM but very few people, maybe two percent of any population, can realistically do it.

It can be done but be honest with yourself about having the high powered skills to do it. If you do not have massive selling skills you are wasting your time and money.

Another form of direct marketing is affiliate marketing. Very high percentages of people, who take the time to learn to market an affiliate program, have been successful with them. I suggest starting as an affiliate and learn from your company and free online article directory articles, how to market.

Products ranging from material products to sell on eBay, to health and nutrition products to writing products for writers, to digital media using sound to manufacturing your own products yourself can be sold off of your or your affiliate partner web sites. Listen to the training of your affiliate managers. Study free e-books and articles available online and understand them and you will learn how to market your affiliate products to build your residual income marketing business.

Once you have been successful with two or three different affiliate programs you may be ready to start one yourself or to partner with someone else to start one. Many independent affiliates have done so well with working the programs of others that they are happy to stay that way and continue on forever working their residual income affiliate programs.

So here you have three different but related ways to make your residual income. Though all are different they still offer the magic potential to build an income stream. All will have negative points but none are too great to overcome if you stick with them and learn how they work before you start.

Anyone can make one or more of these methods work if you are willing to learn about the products and how to market them. Millions of people are making a nice income working one or more of them and it should be no different for you.
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